7 Tips for Teaching a New Seeds Song

Sabrina Harrison

7 Tips for Teaching a New Seeds Song

1 Teach with Passion

The kids you’re leading are learning how to worship. So, explain to them why you’re doing what you’re doing. Let them know you’re not just singing songs because it’s fun but those songs are directed to God. You’re celebrating the things He has done. Kids are curious – they ask questions about everything. 

2 Lead with Energy

Kids have energy. They want to move around. They want to be physically engaged in worship. Most of our songs have hand motions to them and kids love that.  Keep the kids moving and they will stay engaged.

3 Bring God’s Word 

Jason Houser often quotes Psalm 100:1-3  to encourage young people at the beginning of a worship session to set the tone. At Seeds Family Worship, we love getting to sing God’s Word as we worship. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that “God’ Word is living and active”, and we experience the power of worshiping with the Word. We believe we were also designed to memorize through song, and so as kids are worshiping God with His Word they are also “storing it up in their hearts” as we are told to do in Psalm 119.

4 Set an Example 

When it comes to leading worship for kids, everyone is a worship leader. The people on stage, small group leaders, and really any adult who is in the room. Children learn the most from modeling what their leaders do. So get buy-in from your children’s ministry leaders. Let them know that they are setting the tone for worship in the room. If they go all out, the kids will follow!

5 Equip your Future Worship Leaders

Grab a group of kids who are super into it and let them lead. Oftentimes, children will look to their peers for confirmation and if they see other kids their age worshiping – it lets them know that it’s okay to do it too. Letting kids lead kids is a great way to build up future leaders too!

6 Repeat a New Song for 3 Weeks

Kids don’t engage in songs they don’t know well and don’t sound familiar to them. When you introduce a new song, pair it with older songs the kids will be familiar with. Repeat the new song at least three times in the first month so the kids begin to learn it. 

7 Share God’s Love

We can inspire kids to worship by bringing a genuine love for God and a heart to worship Him. Wake up early and get alone with God to pray before you lead. Prepare your heart to worship God and also ask Him to put His love for the kids you are serving into your heart. 

What’s your best tips for teaching kids new songs? We would love your comments.


Sabrina Harrison has been leading Kids Worship for over 20 years. She values her worship experiences at Summer Camp and Vacation Bible School the most. She loves to train up future worship leaders with her 6th Graders that have moved into Middle School Youth Group. Her favorite Seeds Family Worship song is More Than Conquerors.

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