it's not actually our music or our resources, it's GODS word, because HIS word changes families

Resurrection Sunday, Easter Sunday, Palm Sunday, Good Friday. These are celebration days and days of remembrance. Our family has done many activities that have turned into traditions that celebrate and draw out the Truths of these days. We have celebrated Lent, played with Resurrection Eggs, made Resurrection Cookies, and created a Family Repentance Box (see [...]
By Don Whitney Just about everyone I know feels overwhelmed, and most are busier than they’ve ever been, especially if they have children at home. Pair that with my observation that most Christians I know would affirm that family worship—if they are familiar with it—would probably be a worthwhile practice if they were to make [...]
If you believe what God’s Word says about you is true, your identity is rooted in something that can’t be changed and can’t go away. One night I was lying in bed, almost asleep, when I heard what sounded like an elephant stomping on a car-sized Coke can and then dragging it off to a [...]
I recently wrote a blog post on '5 Ways To Be An Awesome Dad'. In it, I explained that quantity time will lead to great quality moments. Life can be demanding but we get to decide what we spend our time on, and we should be spending lots of time with our kids. Not only [...]
We recently took a family camping trip in Montana that was filled with majestic mountain views of Glacier National Park, breathtaking swims in (cold) mountain lakes, and inspiring star-filled skies framed by towering pines. We cooked our meals in tin foil over burning coals and enjoyed adventures together from sunrise to well into the night. [...]
Spend Time With God I was at a birthday party last week of a friend with teenage kids. At this particular party, friends and family were given the opportunity to stand and share how this man had impacted their lives. It was pretty cool. The thing that impacted me the most was when two of [...]
In the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing with you about living the gospel in our homes. Last week I shared about kindness. Before we move on, I wanted to follow it up with a thought. Kindness does not always feel kind. Part of my responsibility as a parent is to give instruction, appropriate boundaries, [...]
I loved music from birth and literally sang songs off of the radio while I was still in my crib. I moved from Idaho to Nashville right after high school and began pursing a career in music while attending Belmont University. I graduated and began working at EMI Nashville. In a few short years, I [...]
During the early years of marriage, my husband and I consistently talked about speech, body language, and tone. I had married a man highly sensitive to communication and he had married a woman who was less than aware. I was happy to say my truth and didn’t always care about how it was said. He [...]
“It is easy to love the people far away.  It is not always easy to love those close to us.  Bring love into your home, for this is where our love for each other must start.” Mother Teresa As a single girl, I thought myself very giving. I served at church in various capacities, served [...]
A few weeks ago, I wrote about moving and transitioning with children. I gave a few tips I have learned over the years from all of our moves. After a comment made by one of our Seeds Friends, I wanted to write more about my transition and talk about the next part of moving – [...]
As we near the celebration of Easter, I’m reading the last teachings of Jesus’ before his death. My husband preached on this last week and since that time, I’ve been reading over and over the account of Jesus’ last days leading up to one of the most powerful and horrible moments of history. Jesus had [...]