Seeds Family Worship Mission

We are on a mission to get God’s Word through Seeds into as many homes (and hearts) as possible around the world.

Who Are We?

Seeds Family Worship is a ministry on mission to see God’s Word, the Bible, planted in as many homes and hearts as possible around the world. Meet the Seeds team here

What Do We Do?

Seeds creates Scripture memory songs for kids by setting verses from the Bible to music. We have a library of 187 songs and  274 videos written to word-for-word Scripture that makes memorizing the Bible easy and fun. Our songs are written for kids but also made to be enjoyed by all members of the family.

How Did Seeds Get Started?

In 2004, the founder of Seeds Family Worship, Jason Houser, was living in Nashville producing albums and writing songs for Christian musicians. It was approaching the time for summer Vacation Bible School (VBS) at his church. Knowing of his musical skills and training, the pastor asked Jason to write some Scripture memory songs for the VBS program. He wrote the song and then also attended VBS to play and sing it with the kids. As he played and gazed across the room, he was overwhelmed by the hundreds of kids singing and smiling and shouting out God’s Word from memory with ease.

At that moment he realized “Music makes memorizing the Bible fun and easy. And these Bible songs can change a kid’s heart and life forever. I have to do more of this!” He went to some friends with the idea of creating a full album of Scripture memory songs. They loved the idea, even agreeing to partner with him, and a year later the first album came out [link] and Seeds Family Worship was born!

What Does Seeds Provide?

Seeds Family Worship has created 15 albums and 187 word-for-word Scripture songs and videos for kids and families. We have distributed over 750,000 albums and streamed over 70 million songs and millions of videos. Seeds also has several other resources to help kids and families memorize the Bible through song.

Scripture Memory Songs: You can find Seeds on every streaming platform and can purchase Seeds CDs from the Seeds StoreAmazon, or other bookstores.

Scripture-based music videos: Seeds has 166 animated videos and 108 hand-motion videos. These videos make memorizing Scripture even easier by combining word-for-word Scripture with great music, engaging images, and hand motions. Kids tell us all the time how much they love learning the hand motions and following along with “Worship Girl.” You can purchase videos here and also stream some Seeds Videos on Youtube and Right Now Media.

Church Worship Videos For Kids Ministry: Seeds music and videos are also great for helping kids memorize the Bible at church. These videos are great for use in Kids worship services and with Sunday School curriculum to help kids memorize Bible verses. See Videos here.

Live Concerts/ Events: Seeds has a team that travels to churches all over the country to play powerful, energetic and fun LIVE WORSHIP EVENTS for the whole family. 2019 Was the “Trust Jesus” Tour and 2020 will be the “I Believe” Tour. Reach out now for available dates.

Family Worship Made simple: In 2020 Seeds has made it easy for your family to memorize TWENTY Scripture verses together by providing free songs, videos, and family devotions. These devotions are short and designed to be read during mealtime (whether at the table or on the go). Go here to see all twenty verses and links to songs, videos, and devotions. Seeds also has Family Worship Guides to go with each of our albums.

Seeds Family Box: A quarterly subscription box full of books, tools, and resources that makes family discipleship easy and comes right to your doorstep.

Other Partners

Seeds has partnered with many Christian ministries to create Bible memory songs for their resources and curriculum.

Vacation Bible Schools
Time Lab VBS
The Incredible Race VBS
Mystery Island VBS
Sunday School Curriculums
Answers Bible Curriculum
Trackers of Truth
David C Cook
Other Projects
Passport2Purity with Family Life

What parents, pastors & Kids are saying about seeds...

Like nothing else, Seeds Family Worship albums has my kids (and myself!) singing Scripture throughout the day! There is nothing more precious than a 2 year old singing, "I love Your word!" My husband and I pray that the ... moreLord will use this Scripture our kids are hiding in their hearts to draw them to Himself. less


Seeds helps me memorize God's Word!


My children learn SO much better when things can be set to a beat, chant, or music. Just playing SEEDS in the background while they play has helped them to learn scripture, and to get along better. The presence of God se ... moreems to show up and bring peace. less


The music is so beautiful and it locks the verses forever in our minds. Thank you for making Bible memory so much richer in our home.


We love having Bible music playing in our house to help keep us focused on what is true and right. Also love all of us being able to recall scripture


This is the second Seeds CD I have purchased. Our family has been impressed by the quality and sound of each. While this album is billed as a "lullabies & scripture song" CD, I find it to have less of a "lullaby" fee ... morel than the standard lullaby CD I had encountered. However though, this is not necessarily a negative criticism. It simply means the sound is different than I expected. Clearly, the album has a more relaxed vibe than the "Seeds of Courage" album we have. Could this lullaby CD be used when putting children to bed? Possibly. I recommend you listen to each of the songs before purchasing to determine that. (Thanks Seeds for allowing buyers to do that.) I did listen prior to purchasing, and I am not disappointed in any way. I like to play this album first thing in the morning as we prepare for the homeschool day; it seems to set all of our hearts on the right course. Seeds of Worship produces excellent and engaging modern songs, yet is grounded in the Word. Thank you Seeds team for creating another pathway for this mother to minister to her children's hearts and minds, prayerfully getting them rooted in scripture. May your your songs forever be a part of growing "oaks of righteousness" in our home and the homes of countless others. less


I love singing strait scripture!!!


These help our every day....encouragement, wisdom, praise, setting our minds above.


This was our first Seeds Family worship album and it's had a special place in our hearts and home since. I love that I can play quality music that covers our home in Scripture and teaches it to my kids and to me as we li ... moresten! The songs are catchy enough to help you learn the verses without being childish. Thanks SEEDS! less


our family is going through a tough time with my husband unemployed. I bought this for my kids, but it has been a blessing to me. I have been encouraged by listening to the scriptures on repeat. Thanks Seed- I'm glad for ... more this personally and for the truths it is speaking over my kids less

krista feyma

Seeds worship is a way to enhance every person's spiritual walk; learning to walk in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control with the power of God's Spirit dwelling in us ... more. less


I love having scripture put to music to play for my kids. God’s Word is powerful and it’s great to have it to catchy but not annoying tunes. I like how’d they are learning more about who God is through his music. T ... morehere’s no questionable theology thought through the music because it’s straight scripture. less

Hilary H

This DVD was great! My girls (ages 4, 5, and 6) all love it and want to watch it over and over again! Even my almost 2 year old son stayed interested in it the whole time. All while teaching GREAT lessons!

Sarah Snyder

I like those composed musics. Through this, I can used this for my teaching purposes in my handled kids in our church. It is very easy to familiarize the songs. Thank you for this. Truly that God is amazing! May God bles ... mores your site and ministry. From: Philippines less

Eva Eunice Moreno

We love the encouragement and constant reminder of how powerful God's Word is in our loves! Playing Seeds music in our home changes the atmosphere to a God honoring home


I love every CD I've ordered from seeds. This is a great one, I want my kids character to be influenced by Jesus and the verses on this call are perfect. Thanks seeds!!!

Krista Feyma

This CD is amazing. I bought this when I was pregnant with my first child and unable to sleep much at all. The scripture-filled songs calmed my mind and allowed me to rest. I listen to them in the car with my kids now an ... mored they get stuck in my head all the time (in a good way)! My favorites are 11 and 12 but I really enjoy them all. less

Sara Walton

What a wonderful, Godly and industrious family! The unity of the parents and the four boys is the Bible outloud. #TheyAreInspiring! I purchased the first two DVD's for my grandchildren - ages 6 and 7; they liked them ... more, but weren't quite ready for the continued dialogue that biographies would engender. As their grandma, I loved them! It simply depends on that particular child's interest; we will watch them again in the very near future and I anticipate more investment on their part! less

Karen Bulbuk

We love sharing seeds family worship with other people. It is such a fun, refreshing way to learn scripture.


We love ALL Seeds music but this one in particular helps to calm our family after a long day. We use it at nighttime with our children so they fall asleep listening to God’s Word! It is our favorite baby shower gift! ... more We are so thankful for the ministry of Seeds!! less


Seeds Family Worship has blessed our family tremendously. Our entire family has learned the songs and verses and have used them in practical ways and to bless others.


We love how Seeds has helped our family to recall so many important verses--just at the right moments in our everyday lives.


Can't say enough about all of the Seeds Family Worship products. Love them all!! I ask Alexa and Siri to play mine all the time. You cannot put enough of the word of God in your heart.


We LOVE ‪Seeds Family Worship! It has been an extra blessing to our family the past few months as my husband has been fighting brain cancer. When we are in the car driving to appointments, dropping the kids off, etc, w ... moree hear God's Word. Many days I need the words that are being sung for the "kids". less


I used this album to create my own Sunday school lessons for my mixed age class. How incredible that my kids know the entire chapter of Ps. 1 now... and tons of other incredible verses. I will see them pop up during a se ... morermon and start mouthing a verse they recognize from the preaching! Keep doing the wonderful work!! When i took a poll of my students to see what Sunday school lessons they like the most, they all voted hands down, for Seeds of worship! less

Danielle Barton

I am an adult woman, and this reminds me to treasure God's word every day. I recommend these CD's to everyone of all ages.


Our family loves this DVD! Our kids love doing the hand motions and they end up singing the songs all day after watching this DVD. It has blessed our family so much to have scripture “stuck” in our head. We love the ... morequality of the music and that the songs appeal to people of all ages! less


Seeds of Faith (dvd) is one of my favorites from Seeds family. The music is awesome as always but the content really points kids/families to FAITH in Christ. "If you have faith like a mustard seed, tell that mountain mov ... moree out of the way". My students loved this and performed it for parents-- it was great! The graphics that go along with this video really catch your attention to! THANKS SEEDS for pouring into families with God's word!!!! less

Angelia Routzahn

Our family loves all of the SEEDS cd's, but this one in particular has songs used in the FamilyLife Passport2Identity kit, which makes it even better. We love using tools by both SEEDS and FamilyLife, excited to see them ... more partnering together!! less


I'm so thankful for Seeds and how it's impacted my own scripture memory and even brings me to tears as I listen.


We really enjoy SEEDS Family Worship music. It is an excellent tool for everyone in the family to hide God's word in our hearts. We've only listened to this CD a few times. Our first impression is that the songs aren' ... moret as simple and catchy as others (SEEDS of Courage songs stick in your mind super quickly) but I know repetition helps and maybe soon we'll be singing along with this CD just like we do all the others in our collection. less

Paige Mueller

It helps to know so much about Christ and the Bible in a fun way.


I'm so grateful for the Seeds Family Worship Team that puts together these amazing scripture songs. This new Lullaby CD is full of great music that is so peaceful to listen to. I have enjoyed listening to it in my offi ... morece! My personal favorite on the album is The Way of Life- Proverbs 6:20-23. May God continue to bless the Seeds Family Worship Team as they continue to spread God's Word! less


This shirt is soft and comfy! True to size...and a great way to show your support for Seeds Family Worship!

Kim Winn

It teaches kids about God's word and gives me lots of opportunities to meditate on the word of God and talk about its meaning with my children!


My three-year-old knows so much Scripture, just by listening to the Seeds CDs! One of her favorite songs is Ephesians 2:8.


We love these CDs! My son loves this one, especially the “Crushed” song. It is such a joy to learn scripture this way with our kids

Anna Nida

These are awesome ways for our family to learn about God and learn scripture as a family.


I purchased and donated it to a school for auction and they were happy to have it. The person who received it, I found out later was struggling with depression and this scripture based music was exactly what she needed.


Learning scripture is essential. Seeds music makes it very enjoyable!!!


Such a beautiful way to learn God's word. We listen to it during our schoolwork and during quiet time. Thank you seeds family worship!!

Kristin h

This was the first worship box we received and I am hooked. I really thought my kids would balk at the idea of us sitting around and singing but my children - even the teen looks forward to this family time. I love it! H ... moreIghly recommend that you give family a worship a try! less


My kids and I are loving the Trust package. We will definitely use another Seeds Family Worship package in the near future.


This album is refreshingly modern while still being approachable for the whole family. We love it!


The entire set is wonderful. Its the most refreshing thing ever made for human ears. Like a glass of cool water on a hot day.


Seeds keeps our spirits high while working in our home and has helped me and my son learn scripture and use it in our life!


Our church enjoys the Family Seeds Worship! They are great tunes for Bible teaching! Thank you for this ministry!


I love that God's word is being poured into my family through music. I am so grateful for Seeds! It changes our days for the better! Thanks, Seeds!


I LOVE this CD. The kids love it! Quality music that helps our kids learn the word of God. I am one happy Kid's Pastor!

Pastor Michael Rorie

I used this music to create Sunday school lessons around the scriptures! What an incredible way for my students to learn the word of God and never forget it!!

Danielle Barton

My sons and I have been listening to Seeds of Courage for a couple years now as well as other albums, and I am amazed at how well I know these verses now! They have been such an encouragement to me and I find myself list ... moreening to them even when my kids aren't around. less

Kathryn Midkiff

Seeds is one of the greatest producers of bible songs for kids. Thank you so much for your work Seeds team!


We enjoy listening to God's word to music. I can't even begin to tell you how many times we have gone straight to singing the verses we have memorized.


Seeds is a wonderful inspirational ministry. I'm just learning of it and it's good to hear the word of God and very motivating to glorify our Lord and Savior!


Seeds of Courage was the first album that we bought and my kids and I love it! It’s such an exciting way to learn and hide scripture in our hearts. I find myself humming or singing the Bible verses all the time. ❤️

Jess Gabbert

My family has memorized SO much scripture. Of course, the only thing is when we read a Seeds song scripture, we have to sing it! Seeds has also hugely impacted my church. We love your ministry!


This is the second Seeds of Worship album I've purchased. While this is billed as a lullabies CD, we find this album also to be a calming, but engaging way to get our hearts focused on the Lord early in the day as we pre ... morepare for homeschool. These particular scripture songs provide a great foundation for my kids to know the love and peace found only in seeking and resting in our heavenly Father. The Seeds team produces excellent modern songs that my children (ages 10 & 5) relate to, and as their mother, I am thrilled to have another pathway to get the Word firmly planted in their hearts and minds, prayerfully growing "oaks of righteousness" one day. Thank you Seeds of Worship for helping me minister to my children through song. less


This "all of 'em" package is a great deal - I kept one set of cds for our family to enjoy, and then used the rest as gifts throughout the year. One of these cds is a great thing to stick in a birthday gift or Christmas s ... moretocking! less


I love Call To Me and Convinced. What a great way to learn scripture. This is one I can listen to over and over.


Great Package, but I personally love the devotionals written by the Housers and don't like the format as well with this 10 minute bible journey. Still a great family worship package, but if you are investigating looking ... moreat previous boxes, I recommend Trust or Courage! less

Helping hide God's Word in little (and big) hearts...


Our family has benefitted so much from having the Word in our minds and hearts - being able to recall Scripture in different circumstances and situations (whether to remind ourselves of a needed truth, or to share encour ... moreagement with someone else) less


We love learning God's Word through music. We find ourselves singing it all the time--even without the music


My kids have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Wild brothers adventures. These movies are action packed and God honoring. The videos kept us going back for more and we own them all now! Very age appropriate for 3 and up.

Marla Livers

By far and away the best song to date of all the seeds. Cannot wait to see the video when it comes out! I've never heard Isaiah 6:1-3 sung quite like that. My eyes well up with tears every time I listen to it. Keep u ... morep the great work, SEEDS! You are making a profound impact, even on a 52 year-old man. less


We love our Lullaby CD. I listened to it as we waited for the birth of our child and when I did go into labor I turned it on and labored to it. We couldn't get enough of the lovely songs while we had quiet time. They mak ... moree great baby shower gifts as well. less

Beth A White

We purchased the Trust CD & DVD to use in our kids worship services and it has been awesome! The music is upbeat and the motions are really easy to catch onto. To top it off our kids are memorizing Scripture as they ... moresing! Thank you Seeds for all you are doing to help resource families and churches. less


Seeds has helped us "hide God's Word in our hearts" and I am forever grateful! We have been able to "Go and make disciples" using this awesome tool of ministry!


I truly love the engaging songs and video that help kids remember verses from the bible that will stay in their hearts throughout life!


My family LOVES Seeds Family Worship! We are all memorizing scripture together, as a family. Nothing make my heart happier than to hear my 6 and 4 year old quoting scriptures and singing the songs they have learned from ... moreSeeds. less


Learning scripture is so powerful in this life and these songs are easy to learn


If you are looking for material that will encourage and uplift your children, youth, and adults, you have found the right material. Seeds has produced high quality, engaging material that will aid your investment in the ... morelives of your church family. We have kids from unchurched families belting out the truth of God's Word and requesting to sing 'Hey Man" and "Out of the Mud." What a testimony to a God who saves. less


My son has autism and does not talk much but in the car he is able to sing some of the songs because of the repetition. He sings the Matthew 12:34 one a lot.


I love how it has our whole family memorizing scripture together without even realizing what were doing "just" listening.


Nothing is better then worshiping God with His own Word! Thank you Seeds. This a very loved CD in our home we listen to it all year long.

Annette Ward

Our family absolutely loves Seeds of Worship! I love it just as much as my kids and all the music is done so well. I love knowing that by listening to SOW that my kids are tucking scripture away in their hearts. I can’ ... moret thank this ministry enough! less

Angie Holder

We love this album! (And all the other ones!) it is especially cool that there are a couple of Spanish worships songs and a bilingual one as well. We love playing this in the car and filling our minds with Scripture dail ... morey. It is a huge benefit to my kids and also my husband and me. less


This is our second worship box and we are just wrapping up with this book. I love the devotions and how the Houser team makes them so relatable. Highly recommend!


As a military family living all over the world; finding faith based music, readings, work books, etc. was very trying! Seeds Family Worship was our rock for Christian based teachings and we are forever grateful for being ... more apart of their journey!! less


As usual, this is another great album. This has some of the songs from last year's VBS "Time Lab," with a few new ones as well. Since the music is not all fast, slow, reggae, rock, ballad, nor country, it is easy to li ... moresten to and as the music plays on, you will begin to recognize that you are LEARNING the verses - without studying. Even though it is called family worship and it seems that it may just be geared for kids, I am 43 and I love to listen to these albums. Thank you Seeds Family, for being faithful to the Word of God. less


Love watching our 3 yr older granddaughter singing and doing motions to We Are More More More than Conquers! She has hidden her first bible verse in her heart and doesn't even know it yet


Bought this for my grandkids ages 2-4. They all loved it!

Cheryl Kapteyn

But to all that hear the WORD of GOD JESUS CHRIST may it be planted in your HEART and grow up to be a gigantic mustard tree to spread GOD JESUS CHRIST WORD and cast his LOVE FOR EVER !


My husband and I bought our first seeds CD at church before we even had kids. We learned so many verses together. Now our boys are learning them!


My kids have truth and scripture planted deep within their hearts because of your songs! And the benefit to me as an adult - as we are having great discussions as a family, the verses and phrases pop into my head the way ... more they never did when I was just memorizing through rote methods. less


Another great album filled with new music - and love the focus on Jesus (the Author & Perfecter of our Faith!). The words of these songs are the same words from scripture that can help plant Jesus in the hearts and m ... moreinds of our children in ways that offer to bear fruit for years/generations. As a father and a pastor - what a great way to bless the homes & minivans of our church with a valuable resource! less

Wick Anderson

We love all of them and it depends on which is our favorite based on what we are studying in God's Word.


All of my family (me, husband, and daughters ages 10, 7, 4) have memorized more scripture in the last couple years while listening to Seeds than we had in many years.


Zephaniah 3:17. Love Seeds! We sent the Courage CD to my friend with breast cancer last year. Such a great tool for hiding His Word in our hearts!


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    Connect With Seeds: