Be Equipped to Spiritually Lead your Family with this Tool!

This unique book is designed to immediately increase your understanding of the most strategic events in Bible history! It is a fast-paced, devotional overview of God’s Word, with an easy-to-understand apologetics emphasis.

Fifty-two illustrated accounts weave the chronological, Jesus-centered storyline of the most amazing heroes and happenings from Creation to Heaven! Filled with vibrant high-color images, an oversize fold-out timeline, and exciting “faith facts” which confirm that the Bible is true, The 10 Minute Bible Journey helps Christians of all ages to spring to a new level in their understanding of God’s Word, and their relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Strongly endorsed for discipleship and personal study or family devotions, it is an exciting and easy way to increase Bible knowledge in busy adults and teens.

Preparing to start a full-Bible read-through? You’ll grasp the big picture of Scripture like never before by using the included 1-year plan which begins with the specially designed 52-day chronological overview.

Dale Mason’s passion for writing The 10 Minute Bible Journey was born from his own situation and the desire to equip and inspire average Christian parents, especially fathers, to be more confident and at ease in the spiritual leadership of their family.


To pen a book that is a concise yet profoundly meaningful summary of the most strategic events in the Bible is an ambitious goal, but one that Dale Mason has met well! … Mason has crafted an overview that gives the reader an exciting new perspective and the essential context on events they may have read about many times. The 10 Minute Bible Journey is as well-suited as a personal devotional, as it is for group Bible Study and one-on-one discipleship. I highly recommend this book for men and women of all ages! —Cathy Allen, COO, Love Worth Finding Ministries with Adrian Rogers

Love it! The writing style is extremely engaging and the presentation of biblical history is phenomenally seamless. The events selected to articulate the panoramic biblical historical perspective are extremely well-chosen. —Bryan Osborne, AiG apologetics speaker & chronological teaching specialist

The 10 Minute Bible Journey gives us the proverbial box top to the Bible puzzle. In concise and easily digestible portions, Dale Mason leads us through the timeline of the Bible and shows the 30,000-foot view that puts everything into perspective. People constantly ask me for a resource they can use to lead their family through the Bible in a systematic way…now I have the perfect resource to recommend to them! This is a useful tool for parents, students, church leaders and anyone doing discipleship ministry. …Nothing is more important in this world than knowing God as He has revealed Himself through His Word; and The 10 Minute Bible Journey will help you to accomplish that in an interesting, creative and powerful way. —Israel Wayne, author, conference speaker Director of Family Renewal LLC

The 10 Minute Bible Journey gives readers an easy to understand overview of the story of the world. I’ve been waiting for a book like this! —Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

The Ten Minute Bible Journey is a great devotional book that will help guide students from Genesis to Revelation. Each page is a highlight of key events throughout biblical history. This text does not shy away from the depravity of man, but instead, it highlights our need for a savior from the point of corruption. This book complements the AIG biblical timeline . . . . Each section gives a synopsis of the biblical event along with guided reading from the Bible. At the end of each reading, there is a key verse that ties in God’s interlacing word and then each section ends with a wrap-up prayer section. This text will challenge students to dig deep into God’s word and embrace a habit of searching out the scriptures.—Stephen Hart, Discipleship Pastor, South River Baptist Church, NC