Welcome to the SEEDS FAMILY BOX

We are thankful to have your family apart of the Seeds Family Quarterly Box. Our families work hard to put boxes together that will bless and impact your family. We hope this box is a blessing to you.

I know for most of us, 2020 has not been what we expected. It can be easy to get heavy-hearted and anxious during these challenging times. But let us remind you, that God has you, He has your family and He has your future. We can rest in Him.  We encourage you to find ways to lean into Him as a family.

This is a cool box. We thought it would be fun to help your family learn the books of the Bible this month. You will find when you use music and videos it becomes really simple and sticks with you. We are giving you some awesome resources that will make learning the books easy and fun for everyone.

Second, we have added some very cool new resources that will bless your kids and help you lean into Jesus in this season. These are great resources that we believe in! Enjoy!


We believe the easiest way to learn the books of the Bible is to sing it. We are giving you the two CDs with the Books of the Bible songs on them. (A $23.94 value!)

Seeds of Character CD has the New Testament song called “The Only Way”. This song is one of our most popular and fun songs to sing!

The TRUST CD has the song “Now We Know (The Old Testament Song)”. Kids LOVE this song! It not only is a blast to sing, but it also makes learning the books of the Bible effortless. You can also stream these songs here: https://fanlink.to/SFW


Children (and adults) will have fun using these sturdy cards to memorize the books of the Bible. Great for Sunday school, homeschool, or VBS!

Each card has a colorful illustration on the front, and the back features key facts about each book’s author, date of writing, key people, main message, and what each book reveals about God and his character.

Great for car games, Sunday school, homeschool, and more. Parents, use these cards to teach your children the accounts and themes of God’s Word! (A $9.97 Value!)


This is from our friends at Answers in Genesis. This great poster will help be a visual component to learning all the books. This large, colorful wall poster will help your kids learn. Display it on your wall to help your kids learn. (A $2.97 Value!)

What would learning the Books of the Bible be without some awesome Seeds videos? Follow the instructions on the card to use these two videos to help your kids learn the books


Yancy is the leader in creating kids worship around the world. We are so excited to bring you her newest project. (A $19.95 value!)

A Super-Sized NEW Worship Resource For Young Children. This beloved music is perfect for preschool and early elementary grades. Each song is filled with the right bite-size piece of lyric, melody, and repetition. Little Praise Party is about inviting young hearts to a relationship with Jesus by beginning a foundation of theology through the discipline of worship.

Learn more about Yancy at Yancyministries.com and you can stream her music wherever you listen to music!


This great book comes to us from 10ofthose.com! And God said… and it happened. This is the story of the Bible. Whatever God says… happens.

This unique and cleverly illustrated Bible outline focuses on the power of God’s words. It will help children know that God has always been in control as they read how His words brought life to the world, Jesus back to life, and still brings life in us today. (A $5.95 value!)


The Creators of Seeds Family Worship launched a new music brand called Lullaby House Music! Our first album is called “You Are Loved”. This is fresh, peaceful lullaby music that celebrates the gift of life, love, and family and will bring a worshipful atmosphere into your home. Please check it out at https://www.lullabyhousemusic.com

Stream It Here: https://fanlink.to/LHM

Now is the perfect time to start Twenty Verses in 2020! We have designed this new initiative to make it easy for you to talk about faith with your children at home. In fact, we’ve made it almost effortless for families to memorize twenty verses together. Seeds has created the following tools to come alongside you and make it easy to win at home: