Welcome to the SEEDS FAMILY BOX

Thank you for subscribing to the Seeds Family Box. As a subscriber, you are not only getting awesome resources delivered to your home every quarter, you are helping support the mission of Seeds. We want to help kids and families walk in a relationship with God and live out all that He has for you. We want to help your church and family SING God’s Word so you can KNOW God’s Word! This is a very special box. It has our newest release POWER that we made in partnership with our good friends at Answers in Genesis. We think this is our best collection of songs and videos we have ever put out. Our Seeds team purposefully included people of diverse backgrounds and ages for the vocals of this song. You will hear and feel the power of these combined voices and how they communicate the heart of this scripture. We also included some things to help your family celebrate the birth of JESUS! You’ll find three resources that we hope helps you celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during this Christmas season!


Seeds Family Worship helps your church and family SING God’s Word so you can KNOW God’s Word! Seeds make memorizing the Bible easy and fun. The POWER album was built about scriptures having the power of God and the power of the Gospel! It starts with an amazing anthem from Romans 1:16 that we are not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of God for our salvation to everyone who believes. Other songs on this album remind us that true power comes from walking with Him and that our victory comes through faith in Him (1 John 5:4-5).

The download card can be used multiple times, so please share it with friends and family. You can also download this album for FREE by going to the Seeds store, adding the Digital Album to the cart, and use coupon code: POWERBOX.


This DVD is full of great music and videos set to word-for-word scripture from the ESV version of the Bible. This collection of videos was built about scriptures having the power of God and the power of the Gospel! This DVD or Digital Download comes with 9 original videos and 9 split screen hand motion videos that your kids will love. This will provide hours of fun, meaningful time learning scripture.


This is a beautiful set of 9 Scripture Memory Cards that correspond with the POWER project. These are perfect to use for scripture memorization or to have around for daily encouragement. The cards are made in 5 x 7 for easy framing.


Christmas is the celebration of the greatest, most important birthday on this earth, JESUS. This tasty recipe comes with a great way to celebrate the birth of Jesus with your family. We encourage to make the cake, sing Happy Birthday to JESUS, talk about what the layers of the cake mean, and share why this is the worlds most important birthday!


At Seeds, we collect the greatest “Seeds Approved” resources for families. We wanted this 4Q box to be extra special, so we decided to take some of our re-sources and create a surprise item for families. Think of it as our Christmas gift to your family!


Have you ever tried to count the stars? There are so many it’s impossible! God made all those stars. But one day the Star Maker became small enough to lie under the stars… as a little baby. This beautifully illustrated little book will help children grasp the wonder and excitement that Jesus, the Son of God, became a small baby for us at Christmas, so that He might grow up to become a man, providing a way for us to be friends with Him again.


We chose this activity/sticker book to be part of the Christmas Family Box because it gives your children an opportunity to engage with the Christmas story. I loved sticker books myself as a child, and we believe this book can provide a great way for you to spend time working on a creative project with your children. Here’s what the creators of The Shepherd On the Search activity book shared about this resource: The Shepherd on the Search children’s activity book is perfect for keeping little hands busy and little hearts focused on Jesus during the Christmas season