This month’s Seeds Family Worship Box is centered on TRUST. We are excited to be sharing our brand new Seeds Family Worship creative projects that will encourage your family to trust God.

We have partnered with the incredible ministry Answers In Genesis (AiG) to create a new CD and DVD. AIG shares
Seeds Family Worship’s commitment to honor God’s Word and our desire to equip young people with the truth. We encourage you to check out their many resources for your family at

We also highly recommend taking your family to The Creation Museum ( or The Ark Encounter ( Our ministry team was able to visit them this year and they both were awe-inspiring. We are thankful for their partnership and to be able to share these new resources with you!


The TRUST CD is our first album release since 2016. We are excited for your family to experience these new songs and sing God’s Word together!

The album launches with the up-beat worship title cut ‘Trust’ from Proverbs 3:5-6 that calls us to trust God with all of our hearts. The second song, ‘By Faith’ (Hebrews 11:1 & 6), engages kids with its reggae beat and takes you to the beach in your mind while worshiping God.

The next songs remind us that God is ‘Forever Faithful’ (Psalm 119:89-90) and that all scripture is ‘Breathed Out By God’ (2 Timothy 3:16-17). ‘A Great Nation’ (Genesis 12:1-3) illustrates how Abraham trusted God when He told him to leave his country and extended family to a new place where God would make a great nation through him.

The journey comes to a close with an upbeat anthem from Romans 8:28, then a song called ‘Now We Know’ that teaches the books of the Old Testament, and finally an uplifting chorus reminding us that ‘God Is Faithful’ (Hebrews 10:23).


If you are on social media, we invite you to like our Face- book page and scroll through some of the videos of kids joyfully singing and doing hand motions with Kylie “Worship Girl” Houser.

We hope this will inspire you to make the most of the hand motion videos in the TRUST Video Worship Series. This DVD has more hand motions than any of the previous DVD releases…9 out of 10 songs!

We believe these hand motions videos are about so much more than creating fun activities for your family…they are actual ly creative tools that will help God’s Word take root in your kid’s hearts. These motions can be an integral part of your time to worship and celebrate God’s goodness. We hope that you will be singing, dancing and worshiping God at home together.


We want you to know that every time your family spends time together focused on the Lord, you are liv- ing out your calling as parents to “bring up your children in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). We know how challenging it can be to lead a family worship time, but it is a worthy mountain to climb, and you are not alone.

This TRUST Family Worship Guide will help you make the most of the TRUST music and videos. Use your DVD, or video downloads as part of your family worship time. Watch the videos and sing along.

Let the Family Worship Guide lead you through a short but rich Bible study that was created to help parents share these verses in a way that young hearts can understand them. The questions following each lesson are de signed to create conversations around God’s truth and apply it to your daily lives.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words…well, we be- lieve these inspiring images in concert with God’s Word will connect with the wonder inside your children’s hearts.

If you participated in the February Attributes Of God Fam- ily Box, then you were able to experience the awe-inspiring illustrations created by Taylor Nelson.

We loved her work so much, we partnered with her to cre- ate these scripture memory cards for you!