This box is built around The Attributes of God book and is a great way to teach your kids about His attributes. This box comes with:

THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD FOR KIDS” BOOK: We want you to love God and that starts with simply getting to know Him. The Attributes of God for Kids is a daily devotional for you to connect with God. The book is divided into 10 unique attributes (unchanging, omnipresent, sovereign, etc.) and 11 moral attributes (righteous, just, loving, etc.). Each chapter focuses on a single attribute with age appropriate readings, fun questions, memory tools, and praise songs from Seeds Family Worship to help you understand and remember each attribute.

THE CHARACTER OF GOD CD & Download Card: The Character Of God CD contains Word-for-Word Scripture songs about the awesomeness of God. This CD begins at the beginning…in the book of Genesis, where we learn that God is the creator who made the heavens and the earth. We also hear about Isaiah’s vision of God on His throne from the book of Isaiah where angels were prais- ing God singing “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts”. (The download card comes with 2 downloads so you can use it and share it with a friend.)

THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD STICKER CHART: It is encouraging and fun for us to chart our progress as we learn new things! We like the way this sticker chart helps track the journey of learning the attributes of God and memorizing the Word.

THE 21 ATTRIBUTES OF GOD MEMORY VERSE CARDS: We love these tools that were created for The Attributes Of God book! We included these 21 memory cards for you to use as a family. We encourage you to use the cards to help each other store God’s Word in your hearts. They can be shared at meal times, as part of family worship in your home, or on the road as you roll through the day’s activities.

THE 21 DAYS OF PRAYING THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD CALENDAR: The 21 Days of Praying the Attributes Of God calendar is a tool to help you pray and worship God for who He is. This prayer calendar will give you the opportunity to focus your prayers on God and praise Him together as a family.

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