We hope your family has made some great memories together this summer. Now, the season of families preparing to go back to school is upon us.

We are thankful that we get to be part of your lives and remind you that there is nothing more important to your family than your relationships with Jesus. As ministry leaders, we get to share in the celebration of life’s victories and also walk through some of the most difficult moments in a family’s journey. At the end of each of our stories, what will matter most is our relationships….first, our relationship with the Lord, and then our relationships with others.

God created families and He has called us to pass our faith to our children by walking together and teaching them what it looks like to follow Jesus. Deuteronomy 6 gives us picture of what the lives of Christian families should look like daily. Our hope is to equip you with these Seeds Family Boxes to be successful at helping your children trust and follow Jesus.


We want your family to be filled with biblical truth as you head back to school. We are all bombarded with so many un-truths that the world puts in front of us. We want our kids to be ready to confront lies by having God’s Truth that they carry with them.

The families that serve with the Seeds ministry love to hike in the mountains. We have learned how important it is to pack the essentials for your hike to be successful and enjoyable. It is critically important to bring water and food for everyone. We also need to plan for adverse weather and bring a first aid kit in case of emergencies.

The Truth of God’s Word is water and food for our souls. It prepares us to face storms that come unexpectedly and God is our strength and hope in emergencies.

This backpack is a reminder for our kids to take God’s truth with them as they journey through every day of the week.’

The New City Catechism “for Kids”

The New City Catechism for Kids is a modern-day resource created to teach important truths of the Christian faith to children.

This 64-page booklet contains each of the 52 easy-to- understand questions and short answers found in The New City Catechism designed to help children understand who God is and what he has done with answers that are short enough for children to read, understand, and memorize.

This is a follow up to the full version of The New City Catechism that we included in the Summer Launch Seeds Family Box in June of this year. We want children to have this booklet designed specifically for them and we encourage you to have your children share this with each other. They can take turns reading the book and seeking the truths themselves in their personal time with the Lord.


We love to share great music that is inspired by God’s Word! This Seeds of Purpose CD is chocked full of encouraging word-for word truth for families. Jesus has a purpose for our lives and these songs will help you explore some of the scriptures that talk about and define our purpose.

The Word of God inspires us to recognize God’s purpose for our lives. We believe that these songs will increase your confidence as you walk with Jesus. God gives us life and breath and everything else (Acts 17:24-25). We learn through His Word that “If God is for us, who can be against us” (Romans 8:28 & 31). We want to remind you that God is for you and your family

and encourage you to delight in the Lord (Psalm 37:4-6). Trust in the Lord with all your heart (Proverbs 3:5-6) and follow the greatest commandment (Mark 12:30-31) so that you will store up for yourself treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:20-21).


This poster has “5 Truths” with a corresponding verse. There are four and half weeks in August, so we encourage you to memorize one verse for each week in August. Our mission as a ministry is to plant the Seeds God’s Word in hearts and homes around the world. We have taken these verses from our new Trust CD/DVD that were both included in the April 2018 Seeds Family Box.

We created this resource for your family to be able to display God’s Word in a prominent place in your home and talk about these truths as you spend time together. It could be at meal- time or as you begin or end your day.

We have also included an “Equipped With Truth” Bookmark Page for your family. We want you to use these in your textbooks, your Bible, or other favorite books to remind you of these key verses.

These bookmarks will help keep these verses in front of your family to reinforce memorization. You can fold or cut along the perforated marks as a family project, or ask for a child to volunteer to cut them out and serve the rest of the family.


We created this journal to help you memorize, understand and meditate on God’s Word. It includes the “5 Truths” verses as well as some additional ones. Each section is formatted so you will read the verse, copy it down, and then write out your observations and prayers.

The second half of this journal gives you the opportunity to freely discover other passages for yourself. We included two journals in the box. If you decide that you want more, you can find them in the Seeds store at seedsfamilyworhsip.com.