This is the perfect box for baby dedications! It comes with a great resource to encourage the parents to raise their kids to trust and follow Jesus and get resources to point their child to God. This Box comes with:

When You Lie Down: Lullabies & Scripture Songs CD & Digital Download Card: These twelve songs (of word-for-word scripture) remind us that true rest, comfort and hope come from God alone. This music is an awesome way to experience God’s Word with your baby, kids, and family. You will discover that this album will be a powerful addition to use in your personal time with God. (The download card comes with 2 downloads so you can use it and share it with a friend.)

When You Lie Down: Lullabies & Scripture Songs DVD: The Seeds Lullaby DVD has 12 heartwarming videos set to Word-For-Word Scripture. These videos are an awesome way to experience God’s Word with your baby, toddlers, and family. Start planting God’s Word in the hearts of your children today.

Dedicated By Jason Houser: In today’s busy world, many parents feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure what to do – or even where to begin. In Dedicated, Jason Houser is joined by Bobby Harrington and his son Chad, as they unpack the simple, practical, and essential practices of spiritually parenting and discipling children in the home. An inspirational training manual to equip parents, Dedicated will empower parents to pass along their faith to the next generation.

The Jesus Storybook Bible tells that Story beneath all the stories in the Bible. From Noah to Moses to the great King David, every story points to a Child. The one upon whom everything would depend… There are lots of stories in the Bible. But all the stories are telling one big story. The story of how God loves his children and comes to rescue them. The Jesus Story Book Bible invites children to discover for themselves the one who is at the center of God’s great rescue story — and at the center of their story, too.

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