Welcome to the SEEDS FAMILY BOX

“In the beginning,
God created the heavens and the earth.”Genesis 1:1

It is more important than ever for us as parents to be equipped to share Biblical truth with our children about how God created the world. Kids are being told so many different things that contradict the Bible in movies, media, and public school. This month’s Seeds Family Box focuses on the truth that God is the Creator of all things. This truth is such an important foundation for us as Christian parents to set for our children. Our God is the awesome Creator of heaven and earth!

We have provided resources that will help spark great conversations and answer many questions that come up in your child’s heart about the beginning of the world. Keep seeking God first in 2019! God bless you all!


The Answers Book for Kids series is a unique collection from Ken Ham and the creative team at Answers in Genesis. They are questions from actual children from various ages, and from all around the world. The author gives a verse to read in the Bible relating to the question and then he explains the answer to each question in a way for any child to understand.Here are a few of the questions that you will discover as you read this with your children: When did time begin? How did God create everything from nothing? Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? What is evolution? Why do evolutionists believe their beliefs and not Christ?This book is a great tool. We hope this creates the opportunity to speak into your children’s lives about God’s creation.


We have been honored to be a part of two special projects with FAMILY LIFE – Passport to Purity andPassport to Identity. We have taken the songs that we created for both of these projects and put them on one incredible album! These songs are geared toward teens, but made for the entire family to enjoy.We encourage you to consider taking your pre-teen through The Passport To Purity weekend. It is a great tool to help you talk to your children about puberty as well as God’s design for sex and relationships. We have taken all of our children through the material and it was very meaningful for us. You can find more information on our web siteat www.seedsfamilyworship.comand purchase the kits from there if you are interested. It takes courage and commitment to speak into our children’s lives in these pivotal moments, but you will never regret taking the step of faith.


Here’s a quick snapshot of what you will encounter with this Buddy Davis DVD from Answers In Genesis: This real-life dinosaur researcher inspires kids with his solid creation teaching and infectious passion for the gospel. Buddy discovers a big dinosaur bone, and in the process shows the effects of Noah’s Flood on the Montana landscape. Your kids will see a remote part of the USA where the floodwaters scoured the earth and left a mangled graveyard of dinosaurs, fish, plants, and more—a treasure trove of fossils!This fast-paced video overflows with fun Bible-based dinosaur facts that kids (and adults!) love. Plus there are a ton of bonus features.This is an entertaining DVD that will make for a great family movie night together.


We created this poster to place somewhere in your home this month as your family learns more about God’s creation. We encourage you to have each family member commit this verse to memory. It is an easy one to memorize and so important to have stored up in your hearts. It is God and God alone that “created the heavens and the earth”.


We have included some additional devotions for your family created by Buddy Davis and Answers In Genesis. These are short and engaging devotions that will help you talk as a family about different evidence and powerful stories related to God’s creation.