I Am With You DVD or Digital Download With Group Viewing License

These I AM WITH YOU videos will help children learn that God is present with His people. God knows we all feel fear at different moments in our lives, just like God’s people did in the stories we read in the Bible. God tells us the same thing He told them…”Fear not, for I am with you” (Isaiah 41:10). He tells us to ask Him for wisdom and He will give it to us generously (James 1:5). All 11 of these songs on the DVD also have hand motion videos that were made to help engage kids in worship. When you purchase the DVD, you get the hand motion videos both in split-screen and picture-in-picture!

This video series comes with a Group Viewing License Agreement and gives you license to use this resource for viewing in your church, school, camp or ministry. If you are looking for the Seeds home viewing DVD, please go here.

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