“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.” – Lamentations 3:22-23

As we venture into a new year, it is good to be remind- ed that God’s steadfast love never ends and His mercy is there for us every day. God gives us new days, new sea- sons and new years….and He is faithful to us even as we walk through dif cult times.

Our theme this month is to Start With God!

We want to encourage your family as you enter into 2018 to SEEK GOD FIRST and GIVE HIM YOUR BEST. We have some new resources for you that will help equip you as parents, inspire your children, build up your family, and help you enjoy the journey.

This Family Box Guide was created to help you make the most of these resources and enrich your family worship times. Let’s jump in!


Start With God:Spend time growing as a parent in the New Year!

“For years parents have told us that the spiritual development of their children is the number one parenting priority. This book gives them a roadmap for how to make that priority a reality.”

Bob Lepine, Co-host Family Life Today

We know that the day-to-day busyness of raising chil- dren makes it very dif cult to nd time to read a book on parenting! However, wewant to encourage you to make reading “Dedicated” a priority.

This book will admonish you to commit to what matters most in your par- enting…to train your chil- dren to walk in relationship with Jesus. This book is full of biblical parenting truths and real life stories of how the authors have seen God work in their own families.


Start With God: Make the decision to go “All In” with God this year!

Matthew West has been a champion of the Seeds Family Worship ministry from the very beginning. He sang on one of the most popular Seeds Family Worship songs “Young (1 Timothy 4:12)”, which has become an anthem for young people to inspire them to set an example!

You may not know that Matthew West’s music had a signi cant in uence on the Seeds ministry in the early years. Jason Houser, the founder of Seeds, was producing Matthew West’s rst album and co-wrote his rst #1 song “More” at the same time he was writing music for his church’s VBS that became the rst Seeds songs.

We wanted to include this album in the Family Box to inspire you in the New Year to go “All In” in seeking God rst and giving Him your best.


Start With God: Show your faith by wearing clothing that matters!

We love to have this opportunity to introduce your family to this amazing clothing company that is using their cre- ative gifts to illustrate the incredible joy and life that is in Christ.

Zoe creates all of our Seeds Family Worship apparel, and we also sell some of their other clothing created to glorify God. They have clothes and gifts for family members of all ages on their web site at zoeclothingcompany.com.

We hope this $10 gift card helps you get to know Zoe!

The message of Christianity is a message of life. So Zoe has fused the truth of God’s Word and thought- ful design to make beautiful clothes that matter.


Start With God:
Be encouraged by learning God’s Word Together!

We believe in the power of encouragement and we want to encourage your family to learn God’s Word in the new year! The brand new Power of Encouragement DVD is great for:

1. As an awesome alternative to mainstream media.

2. To learn and memorize God’s Word with.

3. To create a fun and mean- ingful way to share family devotions together.


Start With God: New Year’s Family Vision Card

We created this New Year’s Family Vision card as a conver- sation starter for your family.

We encourage you to have a family meeting and be pur- poseful about sharing with each other some hopes and dreams you each have for the New Year. Start With God and begin your time in prayer asking the Lord to lead your conversation.

Be sure to create a positive environment where each per- son in your family is allowed to share. You may want to talk about some highlights fromthe previous year to help inspireand direct the conversation.

This card contains 10 blank spaces for your family to ll in. You can use the word prompts that we gave you, (start, plan, have, build, write, etc.) or you can create your own. Don’t be afraid to dream outside of the box together.

Seek First His Kingdom” Bible Verse Poster

Start With God: Seek First His Kingdom

“But seek rst the kingdom of God and His righteousness,I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Note from Jason Houser:
At one time in my life, music was an idol to me. I thought if I accomplished the goals and desires I had for myself with music then I would be truly happy.I found out in reality it was completely the opposite. As I became more successful in music, I discovered that my family life was falling apart.I cried out to God and surrendered my musical dreams to Him and asked Him to redeem our family. God did a new work in my marriage and family. He impressed this verse on my heart. Now my goal now is to seek His kingdom first!

We hope this poster will serve as a reminder for your family to Seek Him First and Start With God on a daily basis.