Welcome to the SEEDS FAMILY BOX

As you turn your family calendar to a brand new year, we want give you some tools to help you praise God as you take the next step into what God has for your family this year. We hope this month’s Seeds Family Box will inspire you and help you grow in how you praise God. There is power for our families in praising God. Praising Him gives us strength and fills us with His peace.

We have included our new resources that are built around our Seeds Of Praise CD. We have the videos for your worship time, beautiful new Seeds of Praise Scripture Memory Cards to place in your home, and our brand new Praise Seeds Family Worship Guide to lead you through devotions on each verse. We were made to know Jesus and make Him known. We were made to praise God on earth and we will be praising Him in Heaven. Psalm 100 encourages us to shout for joy to the Lord and worship Him with gladness.


The Seeds of Praise CD is Volume 3 of our worship music collection. It is full of uplifting songs that direct our eyes and hearts toward the Lord. In addition to seven praise songs written from the Psalms,Seeds of Praise includes songs from other books like 1st Chronicles (“Sing Praise To Him”), Isaiah (“The Rock Eternal”), Zephaniah (“Mighty To Save”), Matthew (“The Mouth”), and last but not least, the book of Revelation(“Amen”).

We have heard testimonies from many families that have experienced first hand how playing praise music in their homes has changed the environment and impacted their relationships. We encourage you to play this CD as you move through your day as a family. Consider making praise a part of the beginning of your day by listening to and singing one or two songs together.


Our Seeds Family Box families are the first ones to receive our new Seeds resources. We are excited to be sharing the brand new Seeds Of Praise Family Worship Guide with you this month! Our team believed this guide was an excellent way for families to launch into a new year. The family devotion for “Sing For Joy” shares a definition of worship as “our response to God for who He is and what He has done.” That means that we worship (and praise) God because of how awesome He is. We worship by the words that we say (and sing) as well as in the way we live our lives. This Praise Family Worship Guide will lead you through a short Bible study that was created to help you share these verses as a family.


I Mentioned at the beginning of the Seeds Family Box Guide that we were providing you with tools the help your family grow in praising God. These scripture memory cards are beautiful to look at and inspiring to read, but they can serve an even greater purpose.

Here are 3 ideas of how you can use these cards as tool to help your family grow in praise:

1. Sit down and read through all 12 of the Seeds Of Praise cards together and chose one with each one of your children to memorize with them this month.

2. Have each one of your children choose their favorite card and use it as inspiration to create their own scripture memory card on an 81/2 X11 sheet of paper. Display their scripture creations on your refrigerator.

3. Use the scripture memory cards as flash cards and work together as a family to memorize the verses on all 12 cards. Create a special event to celebrate your goal once you have accomplished it together, such as a night out to dinner or a special family dinner celebration at home.