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These fun videos will help your kids SING GOD’S WORD so they can KNOW GOD’S WORD! Seeds make memorizing the Bible easy and fun. This collection of videos was built about scriptures and carols from the Seeds Christmas album- JOYFUL! These Christmas videos were designed to help your kids and family celebrate JESUS! He is the reason for Christmas and even more than that, the reason for life. Jesus is the greatest gift that has been given to us and His life and redemption is how we experience true life on this earth. Second, we wanted to create videos where kids and parents could experience the joy and wonder of Jesus together and we really believe that happened.

For this album, we have a new ‘Worship Girl’, Elethabeth Rowland!  You will feel her JOY and heart for Jesus as she leads in worship.

We hope these videos help kids and families focus on the true miracle and meaning of Christmas – “the Good News of great joy that is for all people – a Savior has been born to us – He is Christ the Lord!”

There are 15 videos in this collection: 10 original videos and 5 Hand Motion Videos lead by Seeds Worship Girl!

Video/Scripture List
Lying in a Manger
Joy (Luke 2:8-14)
The Newborn King
Silent Night
Mary’s Song of Praise
Nothing Will Be Impossible (Luke 1:35-37 ESV)
A Holy Miracle (Matthew 1:23 ESV)
We Still Bow Down (Matthew 2:10-12)
To The Ends of the Earth (Micah 5:2 & 4 ESV)