Welcome to the SEEDS FAMILY BOX

Welcome to the Summer Outreach edition of the Seeds Family Box. The summer season is typically a break from the school routine and an opportunity to connect and spend time together in fresh way. Wherever your summer takes you, we want to encourage you to make it a priority to reach out to others and share the love of Jesus.

Just before Jesus ascended to heaven, He gathered his disciples together and told them:

“Go, [therefore] and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20 We want to help you obey God’s call to share the Good News of Jesus. We will begin with a great book to help you prepare your hearts and minds and then equip you with several tools and activities that will help you reach your neighborhood, our country, and kids around the world.

As we pray and prepare to share Jesus with others, it is important to be able to share evidence about the truth of Jesus’ life and communicate why we believe what we believe. “Case For Christ For Kids” will help your kids learn and grow in their faith. We encourage parents of younger children to read this book with them, or even better, set aside some time to read this book together as a family. We believe it will help equip your kids to defend their faith in an unbelieving world. This revised kid-friendly edition of Strobel’s bestseller presents historic evidence, up-to- date scientific research, and true stories that provide compelling support for Jesus’ life, ministry, and miracles. It contains reliable answers for inquiring young minds and hearts!

It may also bless your family to watch Lee Strobel’s story that was made into a movie released in 2017 called The Case For Christ. It is an incredible testimony that shows what the Lord did in Strobel’s life.

We have included this prayer map of the United States to help your family think about all of the people in America that need to experience the hope that comes through a relationship with Jesus. We are all called to reach out to people near us, people in our own country, and to people around the world.

This prayer map was created to give your family vision for people in our country that need to encounter the Lord. We encourage you to begin praying for people in your home state, and then expand to the surrounding states, and finally to the furthest states from where you are. There is a place to write down the names of people you will be praying for both near and far.

The goal is to pray for God to move in people’s lives as well as to give your family a heart for people to know the Lord across our nation.

Rice Bowls are a fun fundraising mission project for your family to provide food to orphaned children. Giving and service are intangible concepts and can be difficult for kids (and adults) to grasp. A Rice Bowls activity this summer will be an easy way to bring these concepts to life for your children. Plus, you’re helping Rice Bowls’ children’s homes rescue, love, and feed the kids in their care. How awesome is that?

They have made it really simple for all of our families to reach out to orphaned children and care for them in the name of Jesus. We encourage you to give your children opportunities to do some work, chores, and/or use some of their personal savings (no matter how little it may seem) to reach out to these children around the world.

This is a great summer family activity that will help you reach people for Christ in your neighborhood and community. It can be challenging for all of us to find creative and nonthreatening ways to share our faith with people near us. This activity makes it fun and easy to share God’s Word with other families.

Here are the two resources we created to help you:

3 Share Your Faith Seeds Cards With Download Cards
These cards will help you share your faith in Jesus by giving your friends and/or neighbors a Download Card of the Seeds of Trust album. The card tells them that you love the Seeds music and wanted to share it with them with an attached Seeds download card. The other side of the card shares the verses John 3:16-17 to let them know that God loved them so much that He sent Jesus to save them from their sin. Pray together as a family and decide whom the Lord is directing you to share these 3 cards with in your neighborhood or community.


3 Share Your Encouragement Seeds Cards With Download Cards
These encouragement cards were made to help you show Jesus’ love and comfort to friends and family members that need to be lifted up. Get together as a family and think about those near you that are going through a difficult time. There may be someone in your church family in the hospital or someone in a retirement home that could use your love and God’s Word to give them hope. We named this album The Power Of Encouragement because we learned first hand when we encourage each other It gives us strength to face difficult situations and hope for the future. Pray and ask God to lead you to those that can use this gift to bring Jesus’ light into their dark season.