This month’s Box is focused on helping your family read, sing and experience God’s Word. We have partnered with the incredible ministry Answers In Genesis (AiG) to create music for their Answers Bible Curriculum and VBS. AiG shares Seeds Family Worship’s commitment to honor God’s Word.

We are featuring another great resource created by AiG called “The 10 Minute Bible Journey”. Families from our team have been using this book in their family worship time and have been extremely blessed by how the Bible is presented. Here’s a quote that our own Josh Houser posted on the 10 Minute Bible Journey’s web site:

“I can not even express how much I am enjoying The 10 Minute Bible Journey. WOW! What a great book! My family and I are learning and growing through it and it has blessed us so big. It literally is one of my very favorite books ever. ”


Note from Jason Houser – Seeds Worship Leader & Founder

The Word Of God album is one of my personal favorite projects that we have made. I love the song “The Word Of God” from Hebrews 4:12 because it reminds us that God’s Word is alive….yes, it is “living and active” and that it speaks right into our hearts. When we engage with God’s Word, the Lord speaks to us. He has given us His Word so that we can seek Him in it and know Him through it.

This album also features two worship leader/artists that have been champions of the Seeds ministry. They are Matthew West and Jared Anderson. Matthew sings “Your Life Is Hidden” (Colossians 3:2-3). He also sang “Young”(1 Timothy 4:12) on the very first Seeds album released in 2004. He has walked beside us and encouraged us greatly.

Jared Anderson is an incredible songwriter and worship leader, who wrote and recorded the songs “Rescue”, “Amazed” and “Great I Am”. He captured the mystery of the scripture anthem “Breathed Out” (2 Timothy 3:16).


Whether you are brand new to the Seeds Family Box or you have been with us since last year, I have a challenge for your family with this Word Of God DVD.

This is a great DVD to use as part of a worship time with your family. You may or may not know that all of our DVD’s feature videos that teach hand motions to many of the songs on your DVD. If you haven’t used them yet, now is the time!

Set aside 15 minutes and learn the hand motions to the first song on your DVD “The Word Of God”. Kylie “Worship Girl” will teach the motions to you with a big smile and a heart full of the joy. I encourage you, parents, to join in with your kids in learning the hand motions. They are a lot of fun, and will help all of you in your quest to memorize this powerful verse.


We encourage you to hang this Word Of God poster in a prominent position somewhere in your home this month to help get this verse in your hearts.


This unique book is designed to immediately increase your understanding of the most strategic events in Bible history! It is a fast-paced, devotional overview of God’s Word.

Fifty-two illustrated accounts weave the chronological, Jesus-centered storyline of the most amazing heroes and happenings from Creation to Heaven. Filled with vibrant high-color images, an oversize fold-out timeline, and ex- citing “faith facts” which confirm that the Bible is true, The 10 Minute Bible Journey helps Christians of all ages to spring to a new level in their understanding of God’s Word, and their relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Dale Mason’s passion for writing The 10 Minute Bible Journey was born from his own situation and the desire to equip and inspire average Christian parents, especially fathers, to be more confident and at ease in the spiritual leadership of their family.

Bonus! Also includes:
• Hundreds of key annotations and endnotes
• The “Summary First” Bible read-through plan
• Tips for use in small group Bible studies
• 2.5 foot time-line of Biblical History with full-color illustrations

Here’s what Ken Ham, Pres./CEO of Answers In Genesis had to say about this book:

“ …You may already be aware that Dale (Mason) is the vi- sionary behind our multi-award-winning Answers maga- zine, read by hundreds of thousands of people each year. Several years ago, when Dale reached one of those ‘big decade’ birthday markers, he shared a concern with me. He had been unable to find a book with a solid overview of the entire Bible that was written at an easy-to-read level that included faith-confirming apologetics.

Well, I challenged Dale to write it himself! So he did! And what a unique publication it is, filling a niche that had been missing for a long time … It will give you an overview of the whole Bible and equip you with answers to help defend your faith.

You will love the way Dale has made the major accounts in the Bible flow from one event to the next. It’s nearly seamless, and in a way that the whole Bible makes so much more sense. With Dale’s book, it is now so much easier to see how Jesus is prophesied in Genesis chapter 3 and is active behind the scenes throughout the en- tire Old Testament…