Welcome to the SEEDS FAMILY BOX

Welcome to the May edition of the Seeds Family Box. This month we decided to help you make the most of May by celebrating Moms for the whole month. We have included an incredible activity that will honor your Mom and bring all of you closer together.

We are going to introduce you to an inspiring author named Caroline Boykin. Her book, “The Well Versed Family”, is an uplifting and encouraging read. Along with that is an original Seeds bookmark as a gift for Moms to use as they read this book.

We have included several resources for kids, including a new book called “Are We There Yet” by the UK based ministry 10 of Those. We will also be introducing your family to a DVD series by Listener Kids. Finally, we have included our brand new Download Card for our JESUS album that we sent you last month. We encourage you to download the songs to your devices and then ask God whom He would like you to share JESUS music with this month.


We want to introduce you to something that has been one of the greatest blessings our family has known. We have included a card that outlines how to participate in an activity called “10 Things”. It gives every family member an opportunity to express their love for their Mom in a special and unique way.

We have also given you sheets that say, “10 Things I Love About Mom”. Dad, we are hoping you will take the leadership role and help your kids do a great job for Mom. Here is what you need to do:

1. Pick a day/time to honor Mom. 2. Have everyone who is going to participate fill out the “10 Things I Love About Mom” in advance. 3. Have each person bring a gift. 4. When it is time, gather everyone, pray and then have everyone go around the room and tell what they love about Mom and give her their gift.


As we said in the introduction of this card, Caroline Boykin is an inspiring author that we greatly appreciate and respect.

Here are a few things Caroline shared about the journey of writing this book: My earliest memories are learning verses while perched on my grandpa’s knee. My devout grandparents and mom loved God and embraced the Word – and carried a trove of Scripture in their hearts. From the time I could speak, they taught me line after line, verse after verse, from the King James.

SQUISH! Like a handprint in wet cement, those verses made an impression on my young heart… I’m living proof of Billy Graham’s quote:

“The Word of God hidden in the heart is a stubborn voice to suppress.”

Caroline was greatly impacted by learning scripture at a young age, but initially struggled to pass that on to her children when she became a parent. She eventually committed to helping her kids memorize God’s Word and she saw incredible fruit in their lives. She was inspired to write Well Versed Family and desires to help families seek God in His Word.

We are confident this book will be a great encouragement for Moms, and is also a great read for Dad as well. I was personally encouraged by this book when I read it and I believe you will be too.


I was spending some time with the youth pastor at my home church and he was telling me about some new music videos that he recently discovered. He said his 2-year old son loved them and was constantly singing the songs around their house. He showed me the video on his phone and I laughed as I told him that we were sending out these videos this month to our Seeds families!

That being said, we are very excited to share this Listener Kids Let It Shine DVD with you. We believe these songs will be a hit with your young kids just like they have been in our youth pastor’s home. This DVD contains fun up-beat videos for younger children of classic “Sunday School” songs including: “This Little Light Of Mine”, “Ive Got The Joy Joy Joy” and “Jesus Loves Me”.

The bright colors and joyful animation will make your little ones smile and help them sing songs about the Lord.


Come on a journey with Jesus’ disciples as they wait for Jesus to show that He is King of everyone. This beautifully illustrated rhyming book also contains some follow-up ideas for parents to explore the themes of Easter with their children.

“Are we nearly there yet? When will you be king? Show them you’re the boss, in charge of everything!” “Just a little longer, the time has nearly come Soon the world will see, I’m king of everyone.”

We all celebrated Easter this past month and our team thought this would be a great book to read as a family to show that we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection not only every Sunday, but every day of our lives.

We encourage you to use this book to talk about the Good News of Jesus with your children and ask them to share about what Jesus has done for them in their own words.