Merry Christmas from all of our families at Seeds Family Worship! We want to help your family prepare your hearts to focus on Jesus this Christmas season. We want to make this year’s celebration a time to be in awe of the incredible miracle of the Christmas story! We know this is a busy time of year for families, so our goal is to provide resources that give you the best opportunity to have meaningful family time centered on Jesus.

We encourage you to spend intentional family time this month using these resources to discuss the reason we celebrate Christmas. We are praying your family will grow closer to Jesus through this Christmas Season.

Make it a priority in your home to spend time together digging into these resources. You will be living out your most important calling as parents: to teach your children to follow Jesus. Merry Christmas!

King of Kinds Ornament

We love decorating our Christmas tree as a family. We play joyful Christmas music and drink hot chocolate. If this isn’t part of your Christmas tradition, we encourage you to make this a special time for your family too.

It’s fun to pull out all of the ornaments we have gathered through the years. They are full of so many memories! We hang the lights and ornaments and then choose one of our kids to place the angel at the top of our tree.

This beautiful ornament and family devotion is included to be used during your family’s decorating activities. “King of Kings” is engraved on shimmering silver and hangs from a purple velvet ribbon to declare Christ’s supremacy. Take a few minutes to read the story behind the “King of Kings” in your family devotion card and then place it on your Christmas tree.

Seeds of Christmas CD

Your friends at Seeds Family Worship love Christmas music! We enjoyed making this Seeds Of Christmas album so much because we were able to create songs containing the Christmas story from the books of Matthew and Luke, as well and several prophecies about Jesus from the Old Testament. These verses connect the biblical narrative of the prophets speaking of Jesus’ coming to the fulfillment of the prophecies in the New Testament.

The true gift of Christmas is Jesus and we hope this album will help your family celebrate Him. We encourage you to listen to this music in your home as you go through your day, or take it with you to on the road to play throughout the holiday season.

Seeds of Christmas DVD

We are so excited to have this DVD as a part of the Seeds Family Box for Christmas. Carl Barnhill is our amazing video producer at. He is such a gifted creative person and did an incredible job creating these Christmas worship videos. We believe God has blessed this project and we trust that it will help your family go deeper with Jesus this holiday season.

We hope that this visual journey helps you experience the mystery and majesty of the Christmas Story! We encourage you to use this DVD as a part of your family devotions while using the Family Worship Guide. We also suggest you use these videos to worship the Lord as a family, with your friends, or church small group.

When Christmas Came Book

This special Christmas book written by Barbara Rainey vides a great opportunity to read as a bedtime story to provides a great opportunity to read as a bedtime story your children. e heart behind this book is to help you to your children. The heart behind this book is to help cherish the celebration of Christmas.

Seeds of Christmas Family Time Guide

This brand new Seeds resource was created to help your family learn the true Christmas story from the Bible and grow closer to Jesus during the holidays. These family devotions are short and easy. The questions following each lesson are designed to create conversations around God’s truth and apply it to your daily lives.

This family worship guide goes alongside the Seeds of Christmas album and/or DVD. We believe that using Seeds music and videos with this guide will help your family worship God and grow closer to Him. It will also help you memorize scripture faster and make it a more meaningful and fun experience.

We encourage your family to set aside two times per week for the rest three weeks of December to seek God using this Seeds of Christmas Family Worship Guide.

Seeds of Christmas Bible Memory Cards

Deuteronomy 6:9 tells parents to teach God’s commandments to their children by “writing them on your doorposts of your house and on your gates.” We encourage you to post these memory cards in your home as part of your Christmas celebration this month.

During your first family worship time, have each person choose a memory verse card and put it in a special place where they can see it regularly, then take the remaining cards and place them around your home.

At the end of the month, take down all of the cards and use them as ash cards to see how many verses about the Christmas story your family has memorized.