We believe this Seeds Family Box is a very important one for your family! As we were creating the newSeeds of Faith Family Worship Guide that is part of this box, we were reminded of how critically important it is for us as parents to lay a solid foundation of faith in our homes. We all need to be intentional about creating a culture for our family that is centered on faith in Jesus.

These Seeds Of Faith verses set the table for your family to walk through the key truths of what it means to have faith. As school is in full swing for most families, I believe most of you are like us and feel hard-pressed to set aside family time.

We want to encourage you to keep fighting for your family time and use these resources to help your children move toward Jesus. This Family Worship Guide is full of The Gospel and your kids need faith in Jesus more than anything. You will never regret the time you invested passing your faith on to your kids.


The guide is a tool to help you draw near to God with your family. From the first devotion, it boldly tells us to seek faith in God’s Word. 1 Peter says we are all like the grass and flowers that pass away, but “the Word of the Lord stands forever!” Then we turn to Ephesians 2:8 where we are taught that we are saved by GRACE and not by works. Our salvation is a gift of God through FAITH in Jesus!

We provided several opportunities for your family to have personal discussions about where each of your children are in their relationship with the Lord. We hope you will make the most of this opportunity

to purse the hearts of your children. Don’t be afraid of hard questions that your children may have. Take the next steps of faith and seek counsel from your church or other Christian friends if you are dealing with questions where you are unsure of the answers. Do not fear…the Lord is with you!


As part of your journey of faith this month, we encourage you to place these cards around your home.

In the April Seeds Family Box, we shared ideas of differ- ent ways you can use these pictures. We’d like to share them again to use with your Faith Memory Cards:

1. Decorate a 5 x 7 frame at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s with some paint and glitter and create a scripture frame for each of your children. Have a fun family night and decorate a 5 x 7 frame. Have each child choose their favorite card and put it into the frame.

2. Use the memory cards as flash cards to sing or say the verses to each other.

3. Think of someone you know that needs to be encouraged with God’s Word. Create a card for them and share your memory with them.


We are so thankful for all of families that have encouraged us here at the Seeds Family Worship ministry as we have been on our journey of faith. God has shown is faithfulness over and over again to us.

We wanted to share some of the reviews we have received this year on our web site to show you how other families are using Seeds Of Faith with their families.

Here are a few highlights, for more reviews, go to:

Seeds of Faith Vol. 2

“My kids and I love this album. We own several of the Seeds al- bums, but this is a favorite. I love that it keeps Scripture running through our minds as we sing along with the songs.”

“The melodies are so catchy that memory-challenged child sings scripture most of the day! And
his eyes really light up when our pastor reads one of the scriptures from

song he knows! Thank you for your dedication to sharing God’s Word!”

“My 6 year old loves this CD. We sing along to it in the car. He had them memorized in about 2 weeks.”


We encourage you to use the videos provided here on this DVD with the Faith Family Worship Guide. One of the videos included shares a testimonial that we have connected to the devotion in the Faith Family Worship Guide.

We know every family has it’s own personality and style. You all may not be a family that jumps up and downand does hand motions to Seeds songs at the top of your lungs, BUT this may be time for your family to try something new.

We love hearing testimonies about how families hold “Seeds Dance Parties” in their homes and dance along with their young children. Whatever your style (or volume level), we encourage you to watch these videos together at home as part of your worship time, or take them with you to play on the DVD player or iPad in your car.

Here’s what a Mom said about how she feels about listening to the Seeds DVD’s as her family is on the road:

Sonya: “I highly recommend this CD/DVD and hope that they make more. I am all for kids music that (1) doesn’t get old fast (2) I can stand listening to in the car without rocking back and forth and twitching (3) gets them belting out God’s Word at the top of their lungs (4) helps us all understand the timeless truths of Scripture better.”