Welcome to the SEEDS FAMILY BOX

Welcome to the Seeds I AM WITH YOU Family Box! We always look forward to the moment we get to share our new music and resources with you. We believe these resources are going to build up your family and help you remember that God is present with His children.

Our Seeds Family Box subscribers are always the first ones to get our new videos, books, and music, so we would love to hear your feedback and stories about them as you watch, read and listen. Once again, we have partnered with Answers in Genesis to create these songs for both the Answers Bible Curriculumand the Answers VBS.

It was amazing for us to see the theme of I AM WITH YOU appear as the thread that tied all of these verses together. The Lord reminds His people over and over in both the Old and New Testaments that He is with them. I know we all need that encouragement and reminder as families today!


I AM WITH YOU launches with a new song from Joshua 1:9 called “Be Strong and Courageous”. The Lord encouraged Joshua to be strong and promises that He is going to be by his side. The theme continues with God’s words to Isaiah not to fear for He is with him. We believe these songs will tune your hearts to God’s truth that He is present with his people.

One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible is Acts 17:26-27where Paul is speaking to the philosophers in Athens. He tells them God made the world so that people would seek him and reach out for Him…and he tells them that God is not far from any of us. This scripture illustrates that God wants to be known and He desires to be in relationship with us.

If you are an old school Seedsfan, we wrote a new version of“Crushed” from Psalm 34:10with a completely different feel. We hope that the album lifts your spirits, encourages your family, and daily reminds you of God’s presence.


I lead Children’s worship at the home church of Seeds, Lighthouse, in Twin Falls, Idaho. We have been leading these songs with our kids on Sunday morning and our kids love both “Be Strong & Courageous” and “Fear Not”.It never ceases to amaze me how younger kids can learn new songs so quickly and effortlessly. We want to encourage you to teach your kids these songs and help them get these verses planted in their hearts. These videos and hand motions combined with the music and lyrics will engage your kids in God’sWord and will give them a foundation of truth. Be intentional with creating the time and atmosphere for your children to experience these songs and videos. God’s Word will speak to your kids…so press play!


This I AM WITH YOU Family Worship Guide will help you make the most of the Seeds music and videos. Use your DVD or video downloads as part of your family worship time. I AM WITH YOU is our 7th Seeds Family Worship Guide we have created as a ministry team. It has been a blessing to us to have our teenage and young adult children participate and write these guides with us. We believe these devotions are going to speak to your kids in a unique way because they are going to relate to the stories from our kids telling about their lives. We have also added another incredible writer to our FamilyGuide Team, John Majors. We are thankful to have him as part of our team and he has written some Incredibledevotions for your family.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words…these inspiring images in concert with God’s Word will fill your child’s heart with wonder and show them that God is with them. Our scripture memory cards are a creative way to help store God’s Word in young hearts. Come up with fun and innovative ways to use them as you go about your day.