The Seeds Family Box is a monthly subscription box that brings the best Christian family resources to your door each month for $29 plus shipping. If you are not subscribed, you can purchase the box the following month while supplies last for $50 per box.

Here is what is in the October box:

Seeds Family Worship Guide: This brand new Seeds resource was created to help your family spend time around God’s Word. You will discover that these devotions are short and easy to share as a family. The questions following each lesson are designed to create conversations around God’s truth and apply it to your daily lives.

The Guide was written to be used with Seeds music and videos. It will help lead your family to worship God, spend time in God’s Word and memorize scripture.

 Seeds Family Bible Memory Cards: Deuteronomy 6 instructs us to have God’s Word visible around the house by “writing them on your doorposts of your house and on your gate.”

We encourage you to post these memory cards in your home as you take this journey of courage together this month. We made the cards 5×7 for easy framing. Use these cards to help your family to memorize together.

Growing Together In Courage: We have partnered with our friends at Family Life to provide this inspiring book called “Growing Together In Courage.” It contains stories written by speaker and best selling author Barbara Rainey that point to Jesus as the supreme example of courage.

This book should be read aloud with your family. Each story is followed by discussion questions to help your family talk about how to walk courageously.

Seeds Of Courage CD & Digital Download: Seeds Of Courage is our best selling worship CD containing Word-for-Word Scripture songs. We encourage you to listen to these songs as you go throughout your day – either at home or in your car.

If you already have this CD, we encourage you to pray as a family about whom the Lord may have you give it to.

Seeds Of Courage DVD & Digital Download: We created the Video Worship Series DVD’s to be used at home or in the church to facilitate worship for young people and their families. We also desired to engage young hearts and minds with creative and powerful images to connect them to the verses contained in the songs.

These videos can be used at home or on the road. We have also included hand motion videos for the songs that are noted with the handprints. We encourage you to have fun learning them with your family.