Seeds Family Worship helps your church and family sing God’s Word so you can know God’s Word! Seeds makes memorizing the Bible easy and fun. Seeds makes great music set to word-for-word scripture from the ESV version of the Bible.

This album was built about scriptures having the power of God and the power of the Gospel! It starts with an amazing anthem from Romans 1:16 that we are not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of God for  our salvation to everyone who believes. Other songs on this album remind us that true power comes from walking with Him and that our victory comes through faith in Him (1 John 5:4-5).

This album is our most unique album ever. Our Seeds team purposefully included people of diverse backgrounds and ages for the vocals of some of the songs. We were connected with an incredible African-American community choir Cedric Sesley & Out Of Souls in Nashville, TN. We also invited worship team leaders from churches in Idaho and our Seeds Youth Worship Team. I believe you will both hear and feel the power of these combined voices and how it communicates the heart of these scriptures.

 This album has songs kids and families will love. Also, check our DVD & videos with hand motions for all of the songs to help engage your kids in worship. 

Seeds Buy One – Give One: The way we consume music has changed and not everyone uses CDs anymore. So, now when you purchase a CD you will also get a high-quality Download Card. The download card makes downloading it to your computer and device easy. It can be used three times and is the same quality gift card you would purchase from the store.

Purchase Options:
CD + Digital Download Card– CD and Download Card mailed to you
Digital Download– Instant e-mail with a download of the album

Note: If you use iTunes, download the album to your computer and then drag the songs into your iTunes and the album will show up on all your devices.

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