Important Note From The Seeds Team: We have made the CD & DVD bundle together as affordable as possible. We did this to encourage you to purchase this combo pack for your home and church. We believe the videos with the music will help your family and church experience God’s Word in powerful way and help bring the Christmas story to life.

Christmas music & videos with lyrics directly from the Bible!

There are thousands of ways that your family can be distracted away from the true meaning of Christmas. We believe this Seeds of Christmas music and videos will help prepare your family’s heart to focus on and celebrate the birth of Jesus. This musical video journey will take your family through the prophesies in Isaiah and Micah to the incredible accounts of Jesus’s miraculous birth in Matthew and Luke. This is not your typical Christmas project- it is a musical journey that endeavors to capture the mystery and majesty of the Christmas Story!

God has blessed this project in a very special way and we believe the music/videos to word-for-word scripture will help your family go deeper with Jesus this Christmas season. The true gift of Christmas is Jesus and this project will help your family and church celebrate Him!

Children’s Ministry Leaders: This new DVD Has Kids Worship With Hand Motions For Christmas! Awesome Christmas Worship While Memorizing God’s Word!