This pack includes all Seeds DVDs & over 240 videos to word-for-word scripture! Seeds music makes it fun and easy for kids to learn, memorize and store God’s Word in their hearts. Learning God’s Word to music and videos makes it easy to memorize and it sticks with you!

We believe God’s Word is LIVING & ACTIVE and brings real life change as it leads adults and kids into an authentic relationship with God. Today the world is throwing all kinds of the wrong ideas at us and we need to be equipped with the truth – GOD’S WORD! Seeds makes learning and memorizing God’s Word effortless and fun.

These videos were made to be enjoyed at home or on the road and are an awesome alternative to mainstream media. These songs and videos make memorizing God’s Word fun, meaningful and effortless.

Kids love doing the hand motions with Worship Girl! These hand motions videos that were made to help engage kids in worship. These official Seeds Family Worship hand motions are being used in kid’s worship experiences across the country and world. When you purchase the DVD and videos, you get the hand motion videos both in split-screen and picture in picture!

  • Seeds of Courage DVD
  • Seeds of Faith DVD
  • Seeds of Praise DVD
  • Seeds of Purpose DVD
  • Power of Encouragement DVD
  • Seeds of Character DVD
  • The Character of God DVD
  • The Word of God DVD
  • Lullaby DVD
  • I Am With You DVD
  • I Believe DVD

This DVD or Digital Download was created for Home Use Only. If you are need these videos for group viewing purposes, please shop here