Welcome to the SEEDS FAMILY BOX

Hello from the Seeds Team! As we reported in the last box, we just returned from our first ever Seeds Family Worship Tour, called the TRUST JESUS Tour. We traveled over 6,300 miles to 19 cities!

We know that some of you were able to join us and some were not. Either way, this month’s box is bringing some of the TRUST JESUS tour to you!

Answers in Genesis (AiG) was the title sponsor of the tour. They are an amazing ministry dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Included are amazing AiG resources and information that will bless your family.

On top of that, we know it is back to school time and want to help you inspire your kids to live big for God during the school year. That is why we have included an amazing book called, “Everyone A Child Should Know”. We hope this amazing resource will inspire your kids, and are pretty sure you’ll be inspired too!


This poster is a celebration of all that God did on theTRUST JESUS Tour. We made this poster and are sharing it with you because you were part of it with us! Thank you to everyone who prayed for us, supported us financially and came the events to worship with us!

The Lord really blessed this tour in a BIG WAY! We were able to share the gospel at every event and it was amazing seeing young and old put their faith in Jesus. We were able to encourage families and churches in family discipleship and equip them with the best resources! We were able to sing and memorize God’s Word and spend time with the most amazing people from all over the country. To Him be all the glory.


This is the CD and Download Cards for our two newest albums. These are also the albums that inspired theTRUST JESUS Tour. They are packed full of great scriptures to learn and memorize! These albums will get your family and kids singing and worshiping Jesus while memorizing His Word. If you already own one or both of these, this will provide a perfect gift or life and encouragement for another family.


This DVD brought to you from the TITLE Sponsor of theTRUST JESUS Tour! Made for kids 8 and up, you will learn about Noah’s Ark and about the life size ARK that was build at the ARK Encounter. This is a powerful 25 minute documentary that will inspire your entire family.


This reusable Seeds bag is packed full of great information for your family, plus a very special USB with free lessons from the ANSWERS BIBLE Curriculum. Plug this into your computer and you will be amazed and you experience these lessons with your family. (Note: This can be used at home or church.)


It’s never too early to introduce the next generation to some of the heroes of faith. In this book children will meet 52 Christian men and women (one for each week of the year) from all walks of life who wanted to live for their friend Jesus. There are missionaries, martyrs, writers, reformers, politicians and poets. Their stories are exciting and inspiring and will show children that any of Jesus’ friends can do remarkable things for him – even them!

Look what parent, James C said about this book: “This book gives child sized glimpses into the lives of many of the most influential believers throughout the course of Christian history. This has been a great book for our family as our 4th grade daughter has enjoyed getting to read and learn about many of these important figures and she has picked out a few that she wants to learn even more about, such as Corrie Ten Boom and C.S. Lewis. I love seeing my kids want to learn more about Christian history through this book!”