We all get labeled. Sometimes in a good way; other times, not so much. But these labels don’t describe the real you–your TRUE IDENTITY. This book will help you think about what–and who–really defines you.

As you adventure into a life of greater independence, responsibility, and maturity, there is one thing you need to know: You are defined by your place in a greater plan than you can imagine. Not by society, your gender, your family background, or your friend group–but by Someone you can always count on.

Discover who you are meant to be and find the confidence to live out your true identity!

“This book is bursting with wisdom. . . . It’s fun to read [and] chock-full of engaging stories.”–Dr. Owen Strachan, author of Risky Gospel

“If you know a teenager, you’ll want to get this book in their hands. It will help them navigate the tricky waters they face today and build an identity that will last a lifetime.”–Dennis Rainey, founder and CEO of FamilyLife

An ideal companion book to FamilyLife’s Passport2Identity curriculum

John C. Majors creates resources for FamilyLife (a ministry of Cru), including Passport2Identity, and has contributed to The Art of Marriage video series, Stepping Up video series, and Passport2Purity. He also teaches for Cru across the United States and in other countries, training Cru staff in communication and Bible study. John and his family live in Little Rock, Arkansas.