This pack includes all 16 albums with over 181 songs to word-for-word scripture. We believe that kids who SING GOD’S WORD – KNOW GOD’S WORD! Our modern worship music is performed by the Seeds Family Worship team and award-winning guest artists like Matthew West, Jared Anderson, Tiffany Lee (Plumb) and others. Seeds music makes it fun and easy for kids and families to learn, memorize and store God’s Word in their hearts. Sing! Learn! Memorize! Hide God’s Word in your heart!

When you purchase “CD + Download Cards” we ship you a CD and download card for each album. The download card can be used multiple times, so you can download the music and share it with someone else. We hope that you will gift the download card to another person and plant the seeds of God’s Word in their life.

Purchase Options:
CD + Digital Download Card= CD and Download Card mailed to you
Digital Download= Instant e-mail with a download of the albums

  • Seeds of Courage – Volume 1
  • Seeds of Faith – Volume 2
  • Seeds of Praise – Volume 3
  • Seeds of Purpose – Volume 4
  • The Power of Encouragement – Volume 5
  • Seeds of Character – Volume 6
  • The Character of God – Volume 7
  • The Word of God – Volume 8
  • The Journey – Volume 9
  • When You Lie Down: lullabies & Scripture songs – Volume 10
  • TRUST – Volume 11
  • JESUS – Volume 12
  • I AM WITH YOU – Volume 13
  • I BELIEVE – Volume 14
  • POWER – Volume 15
  • HOPE – Volume 16