Seeds Coronavirus Usage Guidelines

Seeds Coronavirus Usage Guidelines

Josh Houser


We know we are in a difficult moment as a world as we deal with the effects of the Coronavirus and for most of us, this means doing church at home. We want to help and partner with all churches and ministries as they create church at home for families in their communities. Below we are outlining guidelines on how to best use Seeds resources.

20 Verses in 2020

First, we have made it easy for families of your church to be able to spend time around God’s Word with our new Twenty Verses In 2020 campaign. We set everything up so you have a memory verse, song, video, and devotion… all they have to do is set aside the time to meet together.

Here are instructions for how to have church at home as a family. Go to our Twenty Verses In 2020 page and choose the memory verse you would like to use from the Live Devotions section. Once you have one picked out, do the following:

1. Gather the family
2. Pray
3. Play & Sing The Video From God’s Word
4. Read Devotion

Online Services 

Second, we want to help you with your online services. Here is how we can help:

  • We have 167 scripture songs on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms that you are free to use and create playlists as you see fit. We encourage all families to be streaming the Word of God in church, at home, and in the car.
  • You can purchase our videos from Seeds Family Worship ( or partner site and you are welcome to integrate them into your online service.
  • You are welcome to share Seeds videos on your church’s Facebook page. We just ask that the videos be removed by 12/31/2020.
  • You are welcome to use our videos that are on the Seeds Family Worship YouTube page ( We have around 35 worship videos (of our 250 total) on this page.
  • You are welcome to use Seeds from your church’s app or website. 
  • You are welcome to upload our videos as part of your services to YouTube or Vimeo. We then ask that those be removed by 12/31/20.

Seeds Oneline Services:

We have created this Online Children’s Services in response to families being at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been so blessed to have families join us from around the country and the world each week.

If you have missed our online children’s services, you can watch them on our Facebook or Youtube page for free. These same services are also for sale here. This is for churches that want to download the service, use it in its entirety for their church, or use any parts of it for their service.

A couple of other requests:

When you use Seeds resources, please give Seeds credit at the beginning or the end of the video/song. Please let families know they can stream Seeds from any platform or purchase any of our resources at

We want to be able to open up the floodgates of sharing Seeds resources to your families as we are a non-profit ministry and steward of God’s Word. Our ministry is supported 85% by the sale of its resources and 15% from donations from our partners. We exist to help plant God’s Word in as many homes and hearts as possible.

We are thankful for every parent and ministry leader we get to walk beside as we face these challenges. We want to encourage you to continue to walk by faith and lead your family and/or church toward faith. God is faithful and He is with us. If you have any questions or you need something we did not cover here, please e-mail us at

5 Responses to “Seeds Coronavirus Usage Guidelines”

    Thank you so much!!! We are complete newbies to the online platform for reaching families and children and are so blessed that you made your songs and videos available for use! I have purchased quite a few of your song CDs and Song Videos for personal use and the Easter songs two years ago. Also, our church loved the songs from the Answers in Genesis VBS you guys did!!! God bless you and your families and ministry. SEEDS ROCKS!!!

    Thank you so much for making this available! We will be moving to an online gathering this week and knowing this is available for children’s church and family worship options makes this a great resource! I have been using Seeds resources for several years and they are a great way to help kids and parents learn and hide God’s Word in their hearts. Thank you for helping out during this time as we seek to minister and teach people over social distancing. Y’all are awesome!

    Thank you! Your videos are reaching young and old alike and making it possible to memorize God’s Word together. “Cast Your Cares,” “Do not be Anxious”, “Treasure,” “The Rock Eternal” and more are keeping our focus on Him, the author and perfector of our faith. As everything changes around us, one thing remains the same….’Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! We appreciate the opportunity to post your videos on our facebook page right now to encourage and bless our church family. God bless you at Seeds.

    Thanks for making your music and videos available. We use a lot of your products in our church’s children’s ministry. I love your work. Thanks, again.

    Jennifer Mercier says: May 23, 2020 at 10:05 am

    We Love Seeds Family Worship!! Thank you for creating such wonderful scripture songs and videos! We are a military family living thousands of miles from our family and roots. Seeds Family Worship has helped us establish a sweet time of family church during this strange season of isolation. I am amazed at how quickly my four sons learn the verses.

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Josh Houser is a Christ follower, a husband of his beautiful wife Linda (for 27
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Josh has been a Christian for over 25 years after God radically saved him in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1992. Josh and his wife Linda spent three years with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and both graduated from Christ for the Nations Bible College in Dallas, TX. Josh spent 15 years as a business executive before God calling him to serve with Seeds Family Worship.

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