Seeds Family Worship Box

Growing The Faith of Your Family

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Discipleship Resources For Families

The Seeds Family Worship Box provides the best resources to help your family build your relationships with God.

Discipleship At Your Doorstep

Each quarter a new Seeds Family Box will show up with fresh faith-building content and activities for your family. The Family Box is perfect for any family with kids ages 4-12.

Get Your Kids Rooted in God's Word

The Seeds Ministry is committed to the truth of God's life-changing Word! The resources delivered to you in the Seeds Family Box will be products that are rooted in God's Word.

Growing the Faith of Your Family

The most important calling for parents is to help their kids build a strong relationship with Jesus. The Seeds Family Box provides fresh resources that will help you regularly meet together to grow the faith of your family.

Seeds Family Discipleship Box
Seeds Discipleship Box

So Much Value in Each Box!

The value the discipleship box will bring to your family far exceeds the products and activities. The box will ship on the following dates in 2021: Feb 14th, May 20th, Aug 23rd, Nov 18th.


Seeds Family Box is a quarterly subscription box that provides a variety of the best family resources to help your family build your relationships with God and each other!

Our family gets so excited to open the Seeds Family Worship box every time it arrives! It has blessed our family to have fresh resources and activities to do with the kids that are focused on their relationship with Jesus.

– Matthew & Jane – Kids ages 21, 19, 18, 16, 14, 12, 9, 8, 6, 4

"We are so grateful for the Seeds Family Worship Box! Everyone is excited when it comes in the mail. We trust the Seeds team to compile awesome resources for families and they never disappoint!

– Joe & Emily – Kids ages 8, 6, 4, 1