We putting together our first Seeds Family Worship Summer Tour! We are calling the tour TRUST JESUS! On this tour, we are coming with a full Seeds Family Worship Band (of 5-8 people) lead by Jason Houser. The band is made up of youth 16-20 years old that are passionate about Jesus, love worship, and have a heart to minister to kids and families. The dates of the tour are June 23- Aug 3. 

Bring Families & Kids Together 
This is a great event to bring families together in your church and community. This event would be perfect for:
Family Worship Night
VBS Family Night
Worship in Your Children’s Church
Children’s Event / Children’s Sunday
Worship Night At Summer Camp
Summer Family Event
Family Worship Sunday

What does a this worship event look like?
This 60 minute event was specifically designed for worshipful engagement of all ages- toddlers to grandparents. Jason Houser and team will lead the worship experience with joyful music set to God’s Word along with brightly colored animated videos. Our Seeds team will lead the hand motions and engage kids in meaningful worship. Seeds Live is an investment into the families of your church that will leave all filled with God’s Word and and a deepening awareness of His love in their lives. (Lastly, we are missionaries and want to serve you, so this can change to meet your needs.)

$2,000 honorarium

This is almost 50% less than a normal Seed event. The only thing we ask for above the honorarium is provide host homes for our team.

How To Book An Event
Call Ben Houser @: 208-490-4485
or E-mail Ben: ben@seedsfamilyworship.com