Seeds JESUS Album & Resources Are Here!

Seeds JESUS Album & Resources Are Here!

The wait is over! Seeds JESUS Album (Vol 12) is here! This new album was made in partnership with our friends at Answers In Genesis and contains all new Seeds songs to word-for-word scripture! The hallmark album is all about our Lord and Savior JESUS, and makes memorizing God’s Word easy and fun. As a bonus, this album also has our first Spanish songs ever! Purchase Today: You Get Immediate Download + CD + A Download Card. The Download Card can be used twice, once for you and once for a friend.

Seeds New JESUS DVD & Videos For Church & Group Viewing!

We want to encourage all churches to use God’s Word in Kids Worship! This was kids are worshiping God while memorizing His Word! Nine of the videos have hand motions to help engage kids in worship! These hand motions are a great tool to help get God’s Word planted in young hearts!’

New JESUS DVD For Home!

This new DVD or Digital Download will get your family singing, worshiping and memorizing His Word! What is better than you kids enjoying amazing music videos while learning God’s Word? Kids also love doing hand motions with Seeds Worship Girl and this is our most fun set of videos yet!

Seeds JESUS Family Worship Guide 

We want to help your family spend time around God’s Word. The new JESUS Family Worship Guide makes family devotions fun and easy. This simple to use guide creates short and meaningful devotional time for families.

JESUS Bible Memory Cards

This set of 11 Scripture Memory Cards correspond with the Seeds JESUS music and videos. These are perfect to use for scripture memorization or to have around for daily encouragement. The cards are made in 5 x 7 for easy framing.

Seeds JESUS Pack!

This is our best deal for families + get FREE SHIPPING with coupon code: JESUS! This pack with all of our resouces will help your family grow in their relationship with God! It includes the CD, Download Card, DVD, Family Worship Guide and Bible Memory Cards.

If You Stream Seeds Music, Will You Consider Giving To The Seeds Ministry?

The new JESUS album releases on streaming services next Tuesday March 19th. We love streaming because it allows our ministry to share the truth of God’s Word far and wide and gives access to so many! We exist to share God’s Word and love to kids and families! The primary way we are supported is by families and churches purchasing our resources. However, when people stream music it pays Seeds roughly 1/3 of a penny. This means if you streamed the new songs 650 times, it would pay Seeds $2.47. As you can imagine, this is not enough to support the Seeds ministry and give us the resources to produce more.Will you consider making a tax deductible donation to Seeds for any amount? This will help us continue make new resources and share God’s Word with kids and families everywhere. Thanks so much for considering. Donate Here.


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Josh Houser

Josh Houser is a Christ follower, a husband of his beautiful wife Linda (for 27
years), and a father of three awesome kids who love Jesus… Kylie 20, Matthew 18 and Caleb 17. Josh is a Seeds Missionary who is passionate about getting God’s Word into as many hearts and homes around the world as possible.

Josh has been a Christian for over 25 years after God radically saved him in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1992. Josh and his wife Linda spent three years with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and both graduated from Christ for the Nations Bible College in Dallas, TX. Josh spent 15 years as a business executive before God calling him to serve with Seeds Family Worship.

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