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Join The Mission To Get God’s Word In As Many Homes (& Hearts) As Possible Around The World.

Who Are We? The Seeds Family Worship is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) ministry made up of three missionary families that are passionate about helping families get into God’s Word and seeing them walk in a vibrant relationship with Him. The Seeds ministry team also includes an amazing group of partners and volunteers that share the same passion.

What is the ministry of Seeds Family Worship? We exist to help families experience God’s Word through creative media and have His Word written in their hearts.

Our Mission: To get families into God’s Word in as many homes as possible around the world by providing in-house creative media and by creating partnerships with ministries that provide the highest quality Christian resources for family discipleship.

How is the Seeds Ministry Supported?  80% of the Seeds budget is supported by the sale of resources on our website and through local churches hosting Seeds Live Events. The remaining 20% comes from donations by faithful donors like you.

God is using Seeds! We are having more success than ever getting Seeds into homes! We have sent out more than 500,000 albums to word-for-word scripture and our resources are being used around the world! We are also about to hit 19 million streams online through Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, RightNow Media, and iTunes. WOW…19 million streams of God’s Word impacting families worldwide! Thank you, Lord!

Seeds Support Missionaries! As part of our mission, we give free Seeds resources to full-time missionaries. Our goal is to see God’s Word strengthen the missionary families and see His Word planted in hearts everywhere as they share the gospel. We constantly get videos, pictures, and encouragement from these amazing missionaries as they use Seeds to minister around the world. God is amazing!

Seeds Is A Giving Ministry! As part of our mission, we never want any family, church, or school, not to have Seeds resources because they cannot afford them. This year alone we have given more than $50,000 in free Seeds to families, missionaries, and churches.

We Need Your Help! There are three specific areas where you can partner with us:

  1. Help Us Give More: We love to give freely to all families that can not afford Seeds. This is often single moms, families in tough financial situations, small churches etc. Also, we give to all missionary families to strengthen them and see His Word planted in hearts everywhere through their ministry. Seeds bears 100% of the burden of the product and the shipping. Your giving will help these families and missionaries.
  2. Creative Fund: We depend on the support of faithful donors to help us create new resources. We could not create new resources without your help financially. Here is what you can help us launch in 2018.

Future Projects:

Two Brand New Seeds Albums- We will be releasing two new albums in 2018. The first will release in April and the second in October. These albums contain all new music and we believe are our best ever.

DVD, Family Time Guides, Bible Memory Cards For New Albums – When we release the two new albums, we are planning to release new DVDs, Family Time Guides and Bible Memory Cards with them

Family Time Guides- Guides created around every Seeds CD/DVD that Moms and Dads can use for family worship and devotion time in the home. We have one more written that is about to go into editing and 7 more to create.

DVD’s- We are continuing to create a DVD for each Seeds album for the families to use to help plant God’s Word in their hearts and for churches to use to lead Children’s Church Worship.

Stream Seeds of Christmas Live- This year we wanted to live stream Seeds of Christmas Live so all families around the world could enjoy it. We ended up not being able to do this financially. But if the Lord provides, we would love to do this next year. Furthermore, once we had this setup and had the equipment, we could easily stream other Live Seeds Events.

Seeds Family Worship Live Album- We would like to record a live album at our home church of the scripture songs that we sing in our corporate worship on Sunday morning. We believe this would be a great resource for the Church to discover and sing more scripture songs in their weekly gathering.

Prayer – Finally, we are a ministry that believes in and experiences the power of prayer.  We make prayer a priority as a ministry team, and we are thankful for the all of the prayers that have covered and sustained this ministry for over a decade.  We love to praise God for His faithfulness and we love to see Him get the credit for all that He has does.

(Seeds Family Worship is a public charity exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the Organization are tax deductible.)


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Minimum Price:$1.00 / month