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The Seeds Ministry Needs Your Help (Updated April 18, 2017)

Seeds Family Worship is a non-profit ministry made up of 3 families and a number of volunteers. We are passionate about sharing God’s Word in as many homes as possible around the world. We are committed to bringing families closer together and ultimately closer to God.  

The three families, plus volunteers and partners, do all the writing, recording, ministry events, marketing, customer service, fulfillment and the like. We are a ministry founded and bathed in prayer, and the Lord has done more through this small group of people than we ever imagined.  

The thirteen-year journey with Seeds has been a true walk of faith. Even as I write this letter to you, it is a miracle that this ministry exists. The Lord has been so incredibly faithful to this ministry and the families in it. 

It is awesome to watch what the Lord is doing through Seeds. There are families and churches in more than 100 countries that are using Seeds music and videos. The Seeds ministry is not only reaching more people than ever, more churches and families now use Seeds resources than any time in our history. We just recently passed 11,251,556 Seeds songs streamed! All of it- God’s Word! Praise our awesome God!

 The Challenges We Face

Streaming music services, like Spotify and Apple Music are the number one way that people consume music. This also means, there is a lot less music being sold. We have found this to be the case. Although there are more people listening to Seeds than ever, fewer are having to purchase it. Seeds gets paid approximately 1/3 of 1 cent per stream. So if we have if  6,000 streams a day (this is average) Seeds gets $23. Unfortunately, this is just not enough to support the ministry.

God has richly provided all we have needed over the past 13 years of ministry and He continues to do so. He has given us vision for the future and we are building, changing and adjusting the ministry to have stability under the new streaming music model.

What Are We Working On?

We believe God has called us to bring His Word to next generation and we have more vision and passion than ever to do so. Here is what we are working on:

Family Worship Guides- Family Bible studies created around every Seeds CD/DVD so that Mom’s and Dad’s can use them for family devotion time in the home.

DVD’s- We are continuing to create a DVD for each Seeds album. These have been awesome for home and church and we have people rave about them.

Seeds Family Box- We are starting an incredible family box subscription service. This is a monthly box that will be filled with faith building activities for the family. This arrives in the mail with everything the family needs for fun activities around God’s Word.

Christmas In a Box- We are creating a box to equip churches to lead a Seeds of Christmas event at their church using Seeds music and videos.

New Products To Seeds Store- We only add products to our Seeds online store that we all believe will help kids and families grow closer to Jesus. This year we are adding new products to the store every month!

2018 VBS With Answers In Genesis (AIG)– We have started an awesome partnership with our friends at AIG and are creating all the music and videos for the 2018 VBS. It is turning out AWESOME and we can’t want to bring that to churches in the bringing of 2018.

2017 Pre-school Curriculum with Answers In Genesis (AIG)- We are also doing the music and videos for AIG’s ABC pre-school curriculum that we will be releasing with them later this year.

New Seeds Album & DVD for 2018- This year we have been writing and recording for 2018 album release.

2017 FINISH Kids Curriculum- Seeds music and videos will be in the new FINISH Kids Curriculum.

Booking & Leading Ministry Events for 2017- We have 18 events booked and would like to book 6 more.

What we are dreaming about?

Adding more songs/videos to the Seeds of Christmas Album/DVD

Seeds Live Album & DVD

Will You Help US?

We believe God is raising up people that believe in the mission of Seeds and want to partner with us to take His Word to people everywhere. God has given us such vision, but all of the projects above take capital to create and release. We are believing for God to raise up 100 families to support the Seeds ministry monthly.

Will you consider supporting the Seeds ministry monthly?

Will you consider making a one time donation to Seeds?

Will you support Seeds by purchasing awesome resources for your home and church?

Finally, we are a ministry that believes in and experiences the power of prayer.  We make prayer a priority as a ministry team, and we are thankful for the all of the prayers that have covered and sustained this ministry for over a decade.

Thank you for all the support you have given to the Seeds ministry. We are beyond grateful!


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Minimum Price:$1.00 / month