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Will you consider giving to Seeds Family Worship?

There are more people encountering God’s Word through Seeds than ever before! We have sent out more than 500,000 albums and have well over 24 million streams in a hundred countries. We receive testimonies each week about how profoundly God is using Seeds (His Word) to do amazing work in the lives of people everywhere.

Here are three reasons why we would like you to pray about/consider giving to Seeds Family Worship:

  1. We would not exist without our partners. God has used our partners to help sustain the ministry and we could not do this without them.
  2. We support missionaries all over the world. We give FREE Seeds resources to missionaries, for their family and ministry. We also give FREE Seeds to every family and church that cannot afford it and it is your giving that allows us to do that.  When you support Seeds, your supporting missions around the world.
  3. We need your help to create new resources: new music, new videos, new books, and more. It is expensive to create new resources and we try to do everything with excellence unto the Lord. The money you invest in Seeds allow new resources to keep coming.

Will you join us? Here are ways you can give:

One Time Gift: A large portion of the money given in one time gift is used to make music, videos and other family resources for the family and church. We would not be able to make these resources without the help of our faithful partners.

Monthly Gift: God has used our monthly givers to help us share His Word far and wide. Without their support we could not provide free Seeds resources to families, missionaries and churches that cannot afford them.

Grants: We have been blessed by some significant grants in the past that have helped move the Seeds Ministry forward.

We are extremely thankful to you for your prayer and financial support.

God Bless you all! From The Houser Families and The Seeds Family Worship Team

(Seeds Family Worship is a public charity exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the Organization are tax deductible.)


Minimum Price: $1.00

 / every month

Minimum Price: $1.00 / month