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Seeds Family Worship Matching Campaign!

We have recently communicated about the blessings and challenges that streaming music is having on the Seeds ministry. (Read it here) The awesome blessing is that we are reaching more families with God’s Word all over the world. We are about to hit 12 million streams and Seeds is currently being streamed almost 500k times per month. (We are also seeing these kinds of streaming numbers with the Seeds videos on platforms like Right Now Media.)

Although there are more people listening to Seeds music than ever, fewer are having to purchase it. Seeds gets paid approximately 1/3 of 1 cent per stream. So if we have if 16,500 streams a day (this is average) Seeds gets $64. Unfortunately, this is just not enough to support the ministry. 

God has richly provided all we have needed over the past 13 years of ministry and He continues to do so. He has given us vision for the future and we are building, changing and adjusting the ministry to have stability under the new streaming music model. 

We believe God has called us to bring His Word to next generation and we have more vision and passion than ever to do so. Here is a condensed list of what we are working on: 

  • Two New Albums (to be released over next 18 months)
  • DVD’s & Videos for all existing songs and new albums
  • Family Worship Guides
  • Seeds Family Box
  • Bible Memory Cards & More. 

We have also partnered with Answers In Genesis (AIG) and are releasing a 2018 VBS with all new Seeds Music and videos! On top of that, we are also releasing an ABC Sunday School curriculum with AIG with all new Seeds music and videos.

Many of you have already joined the mission and partnered with us to bring these resources to families and churches. We have made awesome progress, but to finish these resources and bring them to families we need $44,000. A generous family has offered Seeds up to $22,000 as a match for whatever money is raised towards these projects. 

Your gift to Seeds will have TWICE the impact thanks to a dollar-for-dollar matching pledge from a generous family. 

Short Video By Seeds Missionary (& Founder) Jason Houser


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Minimum Price:$1.00 / month