Join the Mission Seeds

What are the reasons to donate to Seeds?

Reason #1

We simply would NOT exist without partners like you.

God has used our partners to help sustain the ministry and we could not do this without them.

Reason #2

When you donate to Seeds, you support missionaries all over the world.

We give FREE Seeds resources to missionaries, for their family and ministry. We also give FREE Seeds to every family and church that cannot afford it and it is your giving that allows us to do that. When you support Seeds, your supporting missions around the world.

Reason #3

Your help allows Seeds to create new resources: music, videos, books, and more!

It is expensive to create new resources and we try to do everything with excellence unto the Lord.
The money you invest in Seeds allows new resources to keep coming.

We are extremely thankful to you for your prayer
and financial support.

(Seeds Family Worship is a public charity exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the Organization are tax deductible.)