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Join The Mission To Get God’s Word In As Many Homes (& Hearts) As Possible Around The World.

Five Reasons To Give To Seeds!

1. When you support Seeds, you are supporting missionaries all over the world. Did you know we give Seeds Family Worship resources FREE to every missionary that requests

2. When you give to Seeds, your helping families and kids learn God’s Word. Did you know that if a family or church can not afford Seeds resources that we provide them free of charge ? Last year we gave over $50,000 in free resources to families and churches.

3. You love sharing God’s Word around the world. Seeds music and videos are being streamed over 500,000 times a month in countries all over the world. 

4. You know God’s Word is living and active and you love hearing your kids sing it. 

5. You love Seeds music, videos and resources and and you want to be part of bringing more of them to life


Minimum Price:$1.00

 / every month

Minimum Price:$1.00 / month