New Seeds Album: POWER!

This fun album was built around scripture that talks about the power of God and the power of the Gospel. Your kids will love these scripture songs and you will love that they are singing and learning God’s Word. As one parent told us, “I love how our whole family is memorizing scripture without even realizing it.” This unique and powerful album was set to word-for-word scripture from the ESV version of the Bible.

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Seeds creates fun, energetic worship music and videos to word-for-word scripture for kids, families, & children’s ministries. We have a library of 176 songs and 250 videos that make memorizing the Bible easy and fun! Our songs are written for kids but made to be enjoyed by the whole family.


Kid’s Who SING God’s Word, KNOW God’s Word. Seeds has 176 engaging songs based on Scripture. Play Seeds music in your home, car, church and more.


Seeds videos are AWESOME for Children’s Church Worship! What is better than your kids praising God while singing His Word?


Our Fun, Easy Family Devotions help create meaningful time around God’s Word for families.


Seeds LIVE events are a blast for families and they will leave you filled with God’s Word and a deeper awareness of His love in your lives.


Worship Girl Surprises a family

Worship Girl Surprises A Family

I love being the ‘Worship Girl” at Seeds Family Worship. It has been the super honor of my life to lead kids in worship at home, on tour, and through our video worship series. I am always blown away when I go somewhere and someone recognizes me or when I get letters from Seeds families....

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Seeds Live Events are joyful worship times made for the whole family, toddlers to grandparents. These powerful, fun events leave all filled with God’s Word and a deepening awareness of His love in their lives.


There is so much Christian music from which to choose today but NOTHING else is quite like Seeds. This music is about all I listen to anymore. And Volume 15 Power, in particular, nails it! The entire album is VERBATIM from Scripture, making it ideal for memorizing/hiding the Word in our hearts!


Thank you! Your videos are reaching young and old alike and making it possible to memorize God’s Word together.Your music is keeping our focus on Him, the author and perfecter of our faith. As everything changes around us, one thing remains the same….’Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!


This album is FULL of life giving, joyful songs. Seeds never fails to create beautiful music out of God's word- and the Power album is no exception. The songs are creatively diverse, and perfect to listen to if you want your fam to easily memorize the word. LOVE it!!


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Seeds creates fun, energetic worship music and videos to word-for-word scripture for kids and families. We have a library of 176 Scripture songs and 250 videos that make memorizing the Bible fun and easy. Our songs are written for kids, but made to be enjoyed by the whole family.

The Seeds Family Box is a quarterly resource box for families and kids that brings “Discipleship To Your Doorstep.” These boxes are packed full of discipleship resources to create a Christ-centered atmosphere in your home!

We would love to hear from you! Reach out to us any time at or  801-400-3697. For events, call Jason at 208-731-0431.

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