it's not actually our music or our resources, it's GODS word, because HIS word changes families

Help Take God's Word to America! Join us as we embark on a journey to bring God's Word to kids and families across the USA! This summer starting on June 23rd, the Seeds Family Worship Team is headed out to lead fun family worship events thoughout America on our first ever TRUST JESUS Tour. We [...]
Positive Changes To Seeds Buy One- Give One The way we consume music has changed and not everyone uses CD's anymore. So now when you purchase a CD from us, you will get an instant e-mail with the download links and we will ship upi the CD and a high quality Digital Download Card. The [...]
We love streaming because it allows our ministry to share the truth of God's Word far and wide and gives access to so many! We exist to share God's Word and love to kids and families! The primary way we are supported is by families and churches purchasing our resources. However, when people stream music [...]
Seeds JESUS Album & Resources Are Here! The wait is over! Seeds JESUS Album (Vol 12) is here! This new album was made in partnership with our friends at Answers In Genesis and contains all new Seeds songs to word-for-word scripture! The hallmark album is all about our Lord and Savior JESUS, and makes memorizing God's [...]
We putting together our first Seeds Family Worship Summer Tour! We are calling the tour TRUST JESUS! On this tour, we are coming with a full Seeds Family Worship Band (of 5-8 people) lead by Jason Houser. The band is made up of youth 16-20 years old that are passionate about Jesus, love worship, and have a [...]
First, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Matthew Houser and I am 18 years old! I am a super committed follower of Jesus and love walking with Him. I also love the Church and am there at least twice a week. I am fired up about world missions and and [...]
We want to encourage every church to use God’s Word In Kids Worship! Your kids will be worshiping God while memorizing His Word. We have over 150 song videos set to word-for-word scripture for easy download. Listen to what these church leaders are saying: "We have kids from unchurched families belting out the truth of [...]
Will you share with us how Seeds has impacted your kids, family or church? To do this please send an e-mail and picture and/or video to and give us permission to share it socially. We will reward you with a digital copy of the home or church version Seeds of Courage DVD FREE! (Offer [...]
There will be TWO release dates for the JESUS album. One will be the releasing of the physical JESUS album CD, digital downloads and other resources for purchase on March 12th. The second release date will be the release of the JESUS album across all streaming platforms (like Spotify, Apple Music etc) on March 19th. Why two [...]
I have been a parent for 20 years now, which is hard for me to fathom even as I am writing this. As the saying goes for parenting, “the days pass slowly, but the years fly by.” I want to share some vision with you as a parent of young children. As you look to [...]
Just about everyone I know feels overwhelmed, and most are busier than they’ve ever been, especially if they have children at home. Pair that with my observation that most Christians I know would affirm that family worship—if they are familiar with it—would probably be a worthwhile practice if they were to make the time for [...]
Have you ever thought about supporting the Seeds Ministry? Would you pray about partnering with us in sharing God's Word with kids and families? God has put a unique calling on our lives, to plant God’s Word in the hearts of kids and families. We have been on a 15 year faith journey where we [...]