it's not actually our music or our resources, it's GODS word, because HIS word changes families

“It is easy to love the people far away.  It is not always easy to love those close to us.  Bring love into your home, for this is where our love for each other must start.” Mother Teresa As a single girl, I thought myself very giving. I served at church in various capacities, served [...]
A few weeks ago, I wrote about moving and transitioning with children. I gave a few tips I have learned over the years from all of our moves. After a comment made by one of our Seeds Friends, I wanted to write more about my transition and talk about the next part of moving – [...]
As we near the celebration of Easter, I’m reading the last teachings of Jesus’ before his death. My husband preached on this last week and since that time, I’ve been reading over and over the account of Jesus’ last days leading up to one of the most powerful and horrible moments of history. Jesus had [...]
Our family just made our fourth cross-state move. We sold our home and embarked on an adventure to a new state and, well, new everything. Right before our big move, I was chatting with a neighbor on the phone and I casually mentioned my kids were showing signs of stress. She innocently asked me why [...]
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“My biggest encouragement is to meditate on the word – by listening or simply by having a notecard or two around the house with the verses God is using in your world right now. You are going to be giving out so much and you need to be replenishing as you give so tremendously. You [...]
A few days ago, I went upstairs to tuck my younger two into bed, pray over them, and kiss them goodnight. After kissing the head of my 10 year old, I entered my almost 12-year-old daughter’s room to find her waiting eagerly with her Bible open. “Mama, I want to show you something.” My daughter [...]
The beginning of the year didn't start off quite like I planned...anyone else? The transition between 2016 and 2017 was going to be seamless for me. I had pages of notes and pages of goals and pages of lists. At the end of last year, I began praying and thoughtfully anticipating my new year. I [...]
New Year’s Resolutions. As we are progressing into the new year some may react to that with a fist pump, others may have just had their gag reflex triggered. I have been on both side of the fence there; I think it depends on the year and the resolutions made. Regardless of your position on [...]
There is a question burning in every home across America. How in the world do I use up all these leftovers? Sure, you love to eat Christmas dinner all over again but, that only lasts once before the turkey leftovers are still staring you in the face and Christmas dinner doesn't sound near as appetizing! I've got [...]
My husband and I are watching a lot of football this season…well, my husband watches a lot of football. I’ve been watching some football while also watching Gilmore Girls on my phone cuddled up next to him. It counts though, right? We’ve been watching more football than usual because our Cowboys have been winning again. [...]
Well, it's that time of year...the kids are out for Christmas break! I get so incredibly excited for school breaks. I love the extra time with my kids and I love hanging out But, let's be honest. It isn't all merry and bright. So, for help through the boredom and chaos that does inevitably come with [...]
Is there joy in your parenting? Or are you parenting from a view of problems? Being a parent is a wonderful job that we will always be unqualified to do. But with the help of Christ we can parent better and from a place of joy. Much of our parenting has to do with our [...]