Jason and Yancy Collab!

Big 2022 Announcements

Seeds Family Worship

We are so excited to help kids and families SING GOD’S WORD in 2022!  Here are a few of our big announcements for the new year!

Coming This Spring: Seeds & Yancy Collaboration

Yancy and Seeds Family Worship, the two leaders in creating worship music for kids, have partnered together to create a new word-for-word worship song and videos. The song is called Far More Abundantly (Ephesians 3:20-21) and was written by Jason (from Seeds) and Yancy. This super fun worship song, performed by Yancy, will get your kids worshiping Jesus while memorizing His Word! The song, video, and hand motion video will be released this spring!

Jason and Yancy Collab!
The Resurrection An Easter Collection

Coming Soon- The Resurrection: An Easter Collection 

We have created a collection of our 12 best songs and videos to help your family and church celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. We believe this collection will help your kids engage with what Jesus has done for them in a personal way. Look for this new project in February.

Brand New Christmas Album: JOYFUL 

This fall, we are bringing you a brand new Seeds Family Worship Christmas album called JOYFUL. We want to help your kids and families connect joyfully to the real reason we celebrate Christmas- Jesus’ birth. Our team wrote these songs during the last Christmas season, and we are so excited about how it turned out. Please pray for us as we are in the studio now recording these new songs.

New Christmas Album Joyful
4 Awesome Seeds Family Boxes

4 Awesome Discipleship Boxes

If you have not subscribed to the Seeds Family Box, now is the time. We have 4 incredible boxes planned that will help your kids grow in their relationship with God and with each other. The next box ships on Feb 11!

New Music From Lullaby House Music

The creators of Seeds Family Worship also bring you Lullaby House Music. Lullaby House Music will fill your home full of rest and peace. We have new music coming out on February 1st!

New Music From Lullaby House Music
New Videos For Our Youtube

Fresh Videos Being Added To YouTube

We just passed 7.2 million views on YouTube! We have found this to be a great way to reach kids with God’s Word around the world. We have new content planned that will be released throughout the year! Stay tuned!

Sing God’s Word

The most important thing we do is help kids and families SING GOD’S WORD! We believe kids that SING GOD’S WORD KNOW GOD’S WORD! We hope the truth of the Bible that is planted in their hearts will help lead them into a vibrant relationship with Him. All you have to do is just press play!

Sing God's Word

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    Do you have sheet music with guitar cords or options to purchase CDs with instruments only? We would like to teach the children these songs using your CDs and DVDs but want to have them sing without vocals as a presentation during an upcoming conference. We would specifically like these options for the songs “Eternal Life” and “The Light of Life” on Seeds of Faith, Vol. 2

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