Seeds Scripture Chord Charts

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation with seeds chord charts!

Seeds of Courage chord charts

Seeds of Courage (Vol. 1)

1. Call to Me  [Chord Chart]
2. Do not Be Anxious   [Chord Chart]
3. Ask, Seek, Knock   [Chord Chart]
4. Out of the Mud  [Chord Chart]
5. Young  [Chord Chart]
6. Convinced   [Chord Chart]
7. The Good Song  [Chord Chart]
8. Never Be Shaken  [Chord Chart]
9. Crushed  [Chord Chart]
10. Do Everything In Love  [Chord Chart]
11. Refuge and Strength   [Chord Chart]
12. Do Not Fear  [Chord Chart]

Seeds of Faith Seeds Family Worship

Seeds of Faith (Vol. 2)

1. The Word of the Lord [Chord Chart]
2. Grace [Chord Chart]
3. Hey Man [Chord Chart]
4. The Light of the World [Chord Chart]
5. No Greater Love [Chord Chart]
6. Faith as Small as … [Chord Chart]
7. Eternal Life [Chord Chart]
8. They Will See God [Chord Chart]
9. Walk In His Ways [Chord Chart]
10. Faith [Chord Chart]
11. Carry It On [Chord Chart]
12. New Creation [Chord Chart]

Seeds of Praise Album Seeds Family Worship

Seeds of Praise (Vol. 3)

1. Better than Life [Chord Chart]
2. Praise the Lord [Chord Chart]
3. Amen [Chord Chart]
4. Shout [Chord Chart]
5. The Rock Eternal [Chord Chart]
6. The Mouth [Chord Chart]
7. Sing to Him [Chord Chart]
8. Mighty to Save [Chord Chart]
9. Sing for Joy  [Chord Chart]
10. His Love Endures [Chord Chart]
11. Undivided Heart [Chord Chart]
12. Be Still [Chord Chart]

Seeds of Purpose Seeds Family Worship

Seeds of Purpose (Vol. 4)

1. Life and Breath [Chord Chart]
2. Treasure [Chord Chart]
3. Seek First  [Chord Chart]
4. Greatest Commandment [Chord Chart]
5. Trust in the Lord [Chord Chart]
6. Follow Me [Chord Chart]
7. Delight Yourself in the Lord [Chord Chart]
8. Whatever You Do  [Chord Chart]
9. If God is for Us [Chord Chart]
10. Fishers of Men[Chord Chart]
11. Listen to Me [Chord Chart]
12. Be Joyful Always [Chord Chart]

The Power of Encouragement Seeds Family Worship

The Power of Encouragement (Vol. 5)

1. The Secret  [Chord Chart]
2. Think About It [Chord Chart]
3. Cast Your Cares [Chord Chart]
4. Take Heart [Chord Chart]
5. Wonderfully Made [Chord Chart]
6. Servant of All [Chord Chart]
7. Heavenly Lights [Chord Chart]
8. Go [Chord Chart]
9. Soar Like Eagles [Chord Chart]
10. Joy [Chord Chart]

Seeds of Character Seeds Family Worship

Seeds of Character (Vol.6)

1. More Than Conquerors [Chord Chart]
2. The Wages and The Gift [Chord Chart]
3. The Life [Chord Chart]
4. The Fruit [Chord Chart]
5. Delight [Chord Chart]
6. Teach Them [Chord Chart]
7. The Perfect Example [Chord Chart]
8. Children and Fathers [Chord Chart]
9. Put On Love [Chord Chart]
10. The Character Song [Chord Chart]
11. Give Thanks [Chord Chart]
12. The Only Way [Chord Chart]

The Character of God Seeds Family Worship

Character of God (Vol. 7)

1. God is Creator [Chord Chart]
2. God is Holy [Chord Chart]
3. God is Love [Chord Chart]
4. God is Light [Chord Chart]
5. God is Spirit and Truth [Chord Chart]
6. God is Wise [Chord Chart]
7. God is Faithful [Chord Chart]
8. God is Everlasting [Chord Chart]
9. God is Jealous [Chord Chart]
10. God is Unchanging [Chord Chart]
11. We Trust (Bonus Track) [Chord Chart]

The Word of God Album

The Word of God (Vol. 8)

1. The Word Of God [Chord Chart]
2. Your Life Is Hidden [Chord Chart]
3. Impress Them [Chord Chart]
4. Jesus Christ Is Lord [Chord Chart]
5. Breathed Out [Chord Chart]
6. Your Word In My Heart [Chord Chart]
7. Do What It Says [Chord Chart]
8. Genuine [Chord Chart]
9. Act Like Men [Chord Chart]
10. A Woman Who Fears … [Chord Chart]
11. Your Life Is Hidden [Chord Chart]
12. H.E.R.O. [Chord Chart]

The Journey Seeds Family Worship

The Journey (Vol. 9)

1. Delight Yourself In The Lord [Chord Chart]
2. Hope And A Future [Chord Chart]
3. Faithful [Chord Chart]
4. Bad Company [Chord Chart]
5. Your Life Is Hidden [Chord Chart]
6. Genuine [Chord Chart]
7. Keep Your Heart [Chord Chart]
8. Act Like Men [Chord Chart]
9. A Woman Who Fears … [Chord Chart]
10. Do Not Awaken Love [Chord Chart]
11. Not Your Own [Chord Chart]
12. Your Word [Chord Chart]
13. Preeminent [Chord Chart]
14. He Humbled Himself [Chord Chart]
15. Delight Yourself (In The Lord)- Modern Worship Version [Chord Chart]

When You Lie Down Lullabies & Scripture

When You Lie Down: Lullabies & Scripture Songs (Vol. 10)

1. Be Still [Chord Chart]
2. The Way Of Life [Chord Chart]
3. Fearfully & Wonderfully Made[Chord Chart]
4. You Are My God [Chord Chart]
5. Lead Me To The Rock [Chord Chart]
6. Come To Me [Chord Chart]
7. Peaceful Lullaby [Chord Chart]
8. Your Faithfulness [Chord Chart]
9. I Will Make Known [Chord Chart]
10. Acceptable [Chord Chart]
11. My Soul Finds Rest [Chord Chart]
12. The Yearning [Chord Chart]

Seeds Of Christmas

1. To Us A Child Is Born [Chord Chart]
2. To The Ends Of The Earth[Chord Chart]
3. Call His Name Immanuel [Chord Chart]
4. Mary’s Song Of Praise  [Chord Chart]
5. God With Us [Chord Chart]
6. Joy [Chord Chart]

Trust Album Seeds Family Worship

TRUST (Vol. 11)

1. Trust [Chord Chart]
2. By Faith [Chord Chart]
3. Forever Faithful [Chord Chart]
4. Breathed Out By God [Chord Chart]
5. When I Lok At Your Heavens [Chord Chart]
6. Dominion [Chord Chart]
7. A Great Nation [Chord Chart]
8. All Things [Chord Chart]
9. Now We Know (Old Testament Song) [Chord Chart]
10. He Is Faithful [Chord Chart]

Jesus Album Seeds Family Worship

JESUS (Vol. 12)

1. By Him [Chord Chart]
2. The Alpha & The Omega  [Chord Chart]
3. Savior [Chord Chart]
4. In My Fathers House [Chord Chart]
5. For God So Loved The World [Chord Chart]
6. Salvation Belongs to our God [Chord Chart]
7. I Am The Door [Chord Chart]
8. Yesterday, Today & Forever [Chord Chart]
9. We Are His Workmanship [Chord Chart]
10. The Word [Chord Chart]
11. Jesus Christ Is Lord (ESV) [Chord Chart]

I Am With You Album Seeds Family Worship

I AM WITH YOU (Vol. 13)

1. Be Strong And Courageous [Chord Chart]
2. Fear Not [Chord Chart]
3. Let Him Ask God [Chord Chart]
4. He Is Not Far From Us [Chord Chart]
5. My Son [Chord Chart]
6. I Will Confess… [Chord Chart]
7. If We Confess [Chord Chart]
8. No Other Gods [Chord Chart]
9. The Lord Is Near [Chord Chart]
10. All Have Sinned [Chord Chart]
11. Babel [Chord Chart]

I Believe Album Seeds Family Worship

I BELIEVE (Vol. 14)

1. I Believe [Chord Chart]
2. Seek First His Kingdom [Chord Chart]
3. We’re Alive [Chord Chart]
4. Fortunes [Chord Chart]
5. The Spirit of the Lord [Chord Chart]
6. Grace and Truth [Chord Chart]
7. A Little While [Chord Chart]
8. Love One Another [Chord Chart]
9. Wait For Him [Chord Chart]
10. I Press On [Chord Chart]

POWER (Vol. 15)

  1. Not Ashamed [Chord Chart]
  2. Walk in Him [Chord Chart]
  3. Power [Chord Chart]
  4. Citizens Of Heaven [ChordChart]
  5. The Victory [Chord Chart]
  6. The Light of Life [Chord Chart]
  7. Immovable [Chord Chart]
  8. One [Chord Chart]
  9. Follow Me [Chord Chart]

Hope (Vol. 16)

  1. Wonderful [Chord Chart]
  2. God Created Man [Chord Chart]
  3. Hope That Is In You [Chord Chart]
  4. The Resurrection [Chord Chart]
  5. Do So To Them [Chord Chart]
  6. We Hope In You [Chord Chart]
  7. You O Lord [Chord Chart]
  8. Unsearchable [Chord Chart]
  9. Is Anything Too Hard For Me [Chord Chart]
  10. Abound In Hope [Chord Chart]
The Resurrection - John 11:25-27

The Resurrection – An Easter Collection

  1. The Resurrection [Chord Chart]
  2. For God So Loved The World [Chord Chart]
  3. I Believe [Chord Chart]
  4. Savior [Chord Chart]
  5. The Life [Chord Chart]
  6. Jesus Christ Is Lord [Chord Chart]
  7. Citizens Of Heaven [Chord Chart]
  8. We’re Alive [Chord Chart]
  9. I Am The Door [Chord Chart]
  10. Follow Me [Chord Chart]
  11. Grace and Truth [Chord Chart]
  12. More Than Conquerors [Chord Chart]
Time Lab VBS Answers In Genesis

Answers Time Lab VBS

1. In My Fathers House [Chord Chart]
2. By Him [Chord Chart]
3. God So Loved The World [Chord Chart]
4. Jesus Christ Is Lord [Chord Chart]
5. Yesterday, Today & Forever [Chord Chart]
6. The Alpha and The omega [Chord Chart]

Mystery Island VBS

1. Unsearchable [Chord Chart]
2. Holy [Chord Chart]
3. Is Anything Too Hard For Me? [Chord Chart]
4. Christ Died For Us [Chord Chart]
5. Trust [Chord Chart]
6. You O Lord [Chord Chart]

The Incredible Race VBS Answers In Genesis

The Incredible Race VBS

1.He’s Not Far From Us [Chord Chart]
2.All Have Sinned [Chord Chart]
3. Savior [Chord Chart]
4. Love One Another [Chord Chart]
5. Salvation Belongs To Our God [Chord Chart]
6. Babel [Chord Chart]