Word-for-Word Scripture Songs for family & church!

The Bible exhorts us not to fear but to call on our awesome God! Our best-selling Seeds album will encourage your family and church to live a courageous life as you walk with Jesus. Every song on this CD was written to word-for-word scripture. This album is not only upbeat and fun but makes memorizing God’s Word super easy for all ages. This project was built around scriptures that will help you and the next generation to grow in courage.

Parents and pastors love Seeds music because it is such a fun refreshing way to learn scripture. It is the best music for your kids to put into their little mind and heart. One parent said, “I love how Seeds music has our whole family memorizing scripture without even realizing it.”  This parent said, “All of my family (me, my husband and three daughters, ages 10, 7 & 4) have memorized more scripture while listening to Seeds than we had in many years.”

Seeds Buy One – Give One: The way we consume music has changed and not everyone uses CDs anymore. So now when you purchase a CD from us, we will ship you the CD and a high-quality Digital Download Card. The download card can be used twice and is the same quality gift card you would purchase from the store. So depending on what you want, the CD or Download Card will make a great gift as you share Seeds with someone else. 

Purchase Options:
CD + Digital Download Card– CD and Download Card Mailed to you.
Digital Download– Instant E-mail with a download of the album. 

Note: If you use iTunes, download the album to your computer and then drag the songs into your iTunes and the album will show up on all your devices.

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